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This time on the show we continue to feed your binge watching addiction with all 5 episodes from Cisco Live 2017 in Las Vegas! We just might have had too much fun with the new #FlexPodSF but we won’t tell if you won’t.


Keith Norbie: The biggest news out of Cisco Live was of course the unveiling of FlexpodSF! Keith Norbie and guest host Janel Kratky take a few minutes to explain what the fuss is about.



Andy Banta: “Do you have to be a developer to consume your data center through code?” Josh Atwell asks long time storage janitor Andy Banta for his input.



Rip Wilson: Guest host Janel Kratky gets the latest from Rip about how FlexPodSF is bringing a cloud like environment to on site data centers near you. Also waffles???



Ashley Hemmen: In this episode Ashley explains how the expo booth is literally on fire during Cisco Live with guest host Janel Kratky.



Jeremy Hopkins: This time on PopUpTechTalks Keith Norbie and Jeremy Hopkins chat about exercising your infrastructure, owning customer problems and also the newest 9608 node at Cisco Live US 2017.



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