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NetApp Insight is right around the corner, and this time on the show we continue to feed your binge watching addiction with the remaining unpublished episodes from NetApp Insight 2016!

Ed Morgan

Ed’s crystal ball is on point in this episode! Find out some interesting reasons why cloud adoption might be a little slower in the UK and if Ed thinks #Brexit will change anything.


Ryan Beaty

In this episode Ryan covers his history with the NetApp A-Team and how he has leveraged the cloud for lightning, rain and moving away from “On Prem” work.



Radhika Mitra

What is your career path? On this episode Radhika explains how she navigated academia and why she is passionate about staying in the tech industry.



Al Cooke

“We are a bunch of engineers talking about engineering things” Al breaks down how he contributes to the tech community as well as how and why you should fight imposter syndrome and contribute yourself.



Dave Morera

“Get off the couch and learn something!” Dave explains how he grew to love learning and how social media and curiosity have fueled his career growth in IT.



Jesse Anderson

“Developers are going to take over the world!” Watch how Jesse started his transition from fear to love with DevOps at NetApp Insight 2016.



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Mike Turner

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