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This time on the show we capture the most interesting people in the world at NetApp Insight Berlin 2017! Find answers to all the hottest topics in IT: Is data the new oil? What really defines HCI? Where is this mythical cloud? Currywurst or Bratwurst? Watch, learn and laugh. Special thanks to Paul Stringfellow for being an amazing guest host!


Jeff Baxter discusses the importance of NVMe and the exact date your data center will be overflowing with it!



Matt Watts answers the question Is Data the new oil? The answer WILL surprise you. Also “Using Data….Is that actually a thing?



David Bevc explains how his cloud adoption customers are benefiting from his “previous attempts at glorious success”.



Andre Schmitz talks with Paul Stringfellow about how NetApp HCI is so much more than “squeezing lots of things into a small box.”



Laurence James talks with Paul about exactly how to get yourself a “Next Generation Data Center” and how they are becoming mandatory to meet customer expectations.



Troy Mangum talks about the next generation of HCI and the importance of scale (the non fish variety).



Justin Parisi explains his waffle and WAFL optimization along with why he is excited for ONTAP 9.3.



Horst Thieme explains the dynamic relationships that go on between service providers and their customers. Also lots of taco references and beat boxing???



Benjamin Durand explains how his job as a cloud architect is more than slapping a 2.0 sticker on old decaying infrastructure.



Jef Marie explains how his passion for technology and coaching basketball has helped him embrace human transformation.



Yitzhak Bohadana chats with Mike about how user problems with storage are shifting away from simply not being able to keep up with the network to simply being provisioned incorrectly.



Arjen Kloosterman explains the ever shrinking and yet expanding data centers of the future!


Jakob Rinkewitz explains to Paul Stringfellow the importance of backup data for Office 365 and how every once and a while people actually delete files by accident. Whoops!



Martin White chats with Paul about how object storage is taking over the world (or at least NetApp Insight).



Adam Bergh and Paul Stringfellow debate if HCI is really “a thing” and what exactly defines the second generation of HCI.



Jeroen Klderij and Petya go over the history of FlexPod and the “village” required to make it so successful.



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