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This time on the show we continue to feed your binge watching addiction with the remaining unpublished episodes from VMworld Barcelona 2016!


Alex Muetstege: Amy and Alex chat about TAMs (Technical Account Managers), European trends and of course the not dead yet social media platform BLOGGING!



Alan Renouf: Alan and Amy talk about how developers are not only being taken seriously but almost put up on a throne at VMworld. Also how APIs are the new bitcoin?



Tony Paikeday: Amy and Tony chat about “The Year of EUC” and how graphics acceleration technology is catching up to the rest of the data center.



Gareth Edwards: Amy and Gareth cover how @OpenHomeLab and @OpenTechCast went from an idea at a local VMUG to enormously successful resource projects.



GS Kahalsa: Watch as GS Kahalsa talks with us about SRM and how he works on taking the pain and suffering out of disaster recovery.



Chris Wahl: Chris talks us through how the latest VMware restful API will help us do the “crud” required to save the universe? Also a surprise cameo by Josh Atwell. Did someone say PowerShell?



Andy Banta: Andy talks us through “the death or actually the repurposing of the storage admin”. How do you feel about your storage becoming invisible?



Duncan Epping: Get your buzzword bingo sheets ready for this episode of PopUpTechTalks with Duncan Epping. Duncan chats with Amy about an array of virtualization trends as well as comparing managing storage vs teenagers. Which is harder?



Abdullah: Abdullah talks with us about his awesome hackathon experience and his take aways from meeting “the cool people that do the wacky stuff on the keyboard.”



Manfred Hofer: Manfred chats with Amy about how he jumped into the technical community via social media and how he still uses it to research topics and build his own network of supportive techy friends.



Bhumik Patel: Bhumik discusses how he sees Horizon and all flash architectures easing pain points for his customers along with FlexPod.



Frank Denneman: Frank chats with Amy about just how fast our “new cool technology” allows you to set up SDC environments in lightning speed. Bad puns, sound effects and tech…this episode has it all.



Clemens Seiber: Clemens chats with us about the metamorphosis he sees from hardware centric to software centric organizations at VMworld. Slow and steady seems to be winning the race.



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