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This time on the show we feature the best, brightest and most courageous  individuals from VMworld US 2017. Make sure you watch to the end of each episode to see if guests are more frightened by a “zombie apocalypse” or “the rise of humanity’s AI overlords”…


Pete Flecha and John Nicholson share what makes their technical podcast so successful and somehow confuse Mike for someone else called Amy???



James Whitemore helps explain the exciting “Cooopetition” dynamic among all of the vendors at shows like VMWorld. And yes he prefers the coopetition shaken not stirred.



John White explains how service provider IT problems are drastically different than enterprise IT problems due to scale and why he is so happy to have the “hyper-converged world” coming to him to solve those problems.



Scott Harney chats with us about setting a goal of automating yourself out of a job and how to grow in your career by making yourself uncomfortable.



Pete Ybarra gives us the state of the industry as it relates to EUC (End User Computing) and some fascinating history on robot uprisings!



Thomas LaRock chats with Mike about exactly what happens when software defined everything allows him to….. terminate menial tasks from his to-do list. Hasta La Vista menial tasks!



Jason Shiplett talks about IOT in the enterprise and how companies are starting to leverage all the collected data into useful and decision driving information.



Joel Kaufman explains how saying “Alexa. Provision me a VM and then mow my lawn” might be coming sooner than you think.



John and Kat Troyer explain how influencer marketing in the tech space is so successful without athletes and pop stars.



Howard Marks explains a bit of the “sausage making” process behind the making of technical white papers.



Wences Michel talks with Mike about the importance of AWS certifications and how that knowledge is driving his career.



Stephen Foskett explains the rise in interest around security in the data center and why you should be paying more attention to it.



Yadin Porter De Leon chats with Mike about what the new vTrailmap project and who exactly it is for.



Michael Cade and Mark Carlton share how they are seeing efficiencies and ease of management pouncing into the “Wild of IT”



Kong Yang covers his proven methodology for Future Proofing your IT career with core skill sets.



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Mike Turner

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