When the swag is cleared, all QR codes scanned, and all vendors met, you know it’s the end of a noteworthy AnsibleFest. Even more so as 2019 marked an increase of attendees by about 25-30% to around 1,500! And, from our perspective on the show floor, Ansible continues to be the clear leader for Configuration Management. With no shortage of customer passion, it’s going to continue growing.


For NetApp’s part, over the past 18 months we have been one of the top contributors of certified content to the Ansible community and the #1 non-Red Hat contributor of new Open Source code.  With the GA of Ansible 2.9 coming up on October 16th, NetApp will have over 100 certified modules published:


  • 77 for ONTAP
  • 21 for Element Software
  • And for the first time there will be 4 modules for CVS for AWS
  • To-be-followed shortly by modules for CVS for GCS as well as ANF


Today we now have 350 unique customers (47 of them Global) using NetApp certified Ansible modules on almost 3,300 clusters worldwide. And finally in just 18 months our Configuration Management #Slack community has grown to almost 2,300 members!


For the Opening track at AnsibleFest NetApp was called out as one of first five major partners to be part of Ansible’s New Automation Platform called “Content Collections”.  NetApp is the only Data Management vendor among the five and share this recognition with Cisco, Microsoft, Google Cloud and F5.  This is the second year in a row we were recognized as a leader in development of certified Ansible content. 


David Blackwell’s technical breakout session was to a capacity audience and feedback was equally impressive with many commenting that it was the best session of the conference.  Of the many sessions available, Jim Mercer (IDC’s Research Director – DevOps) chose to attend and he was very complimentary; even feeling compelled to tweet about the experience. 



I’d like to recognize the hard work of NetApp’s Ansible Core Engineering team:


  • lead by Ragha Kalkunte
  • Sushma Sattigeri and their engineering team of
  • Laurent Nicolas
  • Chris Archibald
  • Suhas Bangalore Shekar
  • Wenjun Shen
  • Chhaya Gunawat
  • Archana Ganesan

Overall, the experience at AnsibleFest was endlessly encouraging and the NetApp team was thrilled to be part of it. For more resources on Ansible modules please see the following:


Joseph Christianson

Joseph is a Product Marketing Manager in DevOps for NetApp where he creates lively content and success stories for customers looking to become, "DevOps Ready." Prior to joining NetApp Joseph worked in Product Management and as a Creative Marketing consultant. Outside of work, Joseph spends his time in the Colorado sunshine as an active Scooterist.

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