NetApp launched its NetApp Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 at the London AWS Summit in June – and now we’re pleased to be rolling out the same service across EMEA. Offering the same protections against the threats facing data in modern businesses as the US based service, the EMEA launch brings protection against data loss to organisations across the region. This will be particularly significant in the advent to GDPR, which will place increased focus for companies on controlling their data and knowing where in the world it resides.


SaaS applications are used across a huge range of sectors, making Cloud Control exceptionally relevant to many users. Based on our conversations with customers and partners, we have put together three key examples of where Cloud Control could prove invaluable for data-centric businesses. Here are just a few examples from a variety of industries.



  • Businesses are increasingly using SaaS products, with Gartner predicting that the market will grow to 76 billion dollars by 2020
  • In EMEA, 43% of enterprises use Office 365, making it one of the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments available
  • However, these products require additional protection against data loss to meet the needs and uses of modern businesses, where data is crucial
  • The impact of data loss is well known – it can cause significant financial loss both in the short and long term as the reputation damage takes effect


  • We may often forget that education is a business – particularly universities and adult learning institutions. Some global top university senior IT decision makers are already expressing concerns about protecting their valuable data, and Cloud Control can help
  • With the growth of digital assessments and technology used in the teaching environment, the education sector holds vast amounts of records that are critical to students’ ongoing studies
  • The challenge of ensuring this data is protected is significant – and with Office 365 so widely used, protecting documents on OneDrive and SharePoint is vital

Financial Services:

  • In a highly regulated industry, the risks associated with a data loss are huge – not only are organisations dealing in multi-million Euro contracts, but also need to be able to demonstrate their continuous compliance with regulations, both sector specific and EU-wide
  • With offices across multiple locations in EMEA, banks with Cloud Control benefit from a single reliable solution that can work across Europe
  • With many banks having multinational presences, Cloud Control’s EMEA roll-out will be extremely helpful when it comes to preparing for GDPR which requires knowledge of data and its protection

Tying it all back together:

  • All of these businesses, and many more besides will be impacted by GDPR, which will raise the stakes when it comes to data loss
  • Cloud Control will help customers using Office 365 to protect their data to save reputation and ensure they don’t lose vital information
  • With locally placed data centres, countries can ensure that their protected data is compliant and that they know where it is stored

When you’re ready to start protecting your Office 365 data today, NetApp is here to help. Try NetApp Cloud Control for Microsoft Office 365 now for free!

Martin Warren

Martin Warren is EMEA Cloud Solutions Manager at NetApp. Based in the UK, Martin has many years of experience working in data protection, data storage, virtualization, cloud, big data and networks. In his current role, Martin is responsible for NetApp’s EMEA cloud strategy and solutions with a focus on driving business growth and aligning NetApp’s cloud offering with customer and partner demand.

Martin is a specialist in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, including the aspects of data storage and data management. He provides advice to businesses on the advantages and impact of different cloud and data storage solutions, helping them to meet their goals. In addition, Martin is a subject matter expert on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Prior to joining NetApp, Martin held positions at Symantec, Sun and StorageTek. He also worked at IT service delivery and consultancy companies Misys and 4Front Services, advising businesses on adopting IT services specifically from a blended approach.

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