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Take Control of Your Data on Your Infrastructure with StorageGRID…

May 8, 2017

  Customers across industries are finding that new applications in social, mobile, big data, and cloud are driving massive data growth in rich content. Petabyte-scale content repositories are no longer a rarity as healthcare, automotive, financial, and other content-intensive institutions create digital objects that grow in size, quantity, and lifespan. More than ever, this data must […]

Using StorageGRID Webscale to host Static Websites and Content

March 16, 2016

Introduction   NetApp’s StorageGRID Webscale is a massively scalable, distributed, multi-site object store. It supports standard object protocols like S3 and OpenStack Swift and is suited to be deployed across many data centers (up to 16). In a multi-site deployment, e.g., across the US, Europe and Asia, StorageGRID provides a single namespace. This means, regardless where a […]

Rest easy with intelligent alerting

October 23, 2020

IT infrastructures are becoming more complex, dense, and dispersed. IT personnel are challenged with quickly identifying, correlating, and resolving problems before they impact end users or the business. In addition, IT administrators need to be able to determine incident severity levels to help them identify and prioritize issues.   NetApp® StorageGRID® has various methods for […]