A large multinational software company providing open-source software products to the enterprise community was experiencing rapid data growth, and the company’s existing storage infrastructure couldn’t keep up. Manual backup processes consumed too much time and resources. The company’s IT administrators and developers demanded faster performance, and customers experienced lags and interruptions in accessing their billing and account information.


The company teamed with NetApp to create a solution to meet its needs for reliability and efficiency. Benchmark testing revealed a 30% performance improvement with NetApp, and the customer was sold. The company standardized on NetApp® ONTAP based storage for its database environments, including Oracle, MongoDB, and MariaDB. NetApp’s multiprotocol support enabled the company to support Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI protocols for NoSQL and relational databases and NFS for Oracle in a single platform.


NetApp ONTAP data management enabled faster time to data, which meant faster time to innovation. There was no need for database administrators to spend hours babysitting backup processes. Backups were automated by using NetApp SnapCenter® technology, which saved time and enforced application consistency.


With the automation, developers also restored production data themselves in a matter of hours: a process that previously took up to 2 days. Developers can now refresh the database in just 15 minutes, giving them on-demand access to the most current data available for development and testing.


With the new environment, the database administration team has accelerated the time to provision new MongoDB environments from 2 days to just 10 minutes by using NetApp SnapCenter for MongoDB. That means that developers can push updates and new features out to customers much faster.


There are also no lags and interruptions caused by planned maintenance or sudden spikes in traffic. When a new product is released, the infrastructure can now scale to support the instant demand. Customers get nonstop access to their data, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Provisioning times for the company’s Oracle database, which has complex integrations, dropped from 2 days to 2 hours. Developers can quickly iterate dev/test cycles using full clones of production data. And if there’s a problem, developers can quickly get business users back up and running with their Oracle data.


“Whenever developers are starting a new project, they want the latest data from production. But they’re not pulling data from just one database. They’re pulling from multiple databases such as MongoDB and Oracle. It’s a big effort, but we are delivering these environments much faster with NetApp than with our previous vendor.”


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Mike McNamara

Mike McNamara is a senior leader of product and solution marketing at NetApp with 25 years of data management and data storage marketing experience. Before joining NetApp over 10 years ago, Mike worked at Adaptec, EMC and HP. Mike was a key team leader driving the launch of the industry’s first cloud-connected AI/ML solution (NetApp), unified scale-out and hybrid cloud storage system and software (NetApp), iSCSI and SAS storage system and software (Adaptec), and Fibre Channel storage system (EMC CLARiiON). In addition to his past role as marketing chairperson for the Fibre Channel Industry Association, he is a member of the Ethernet Technology Summit Conference Advisory Board, a member of the Ethernet Alliance, a regular contributor to industry journals, and a frequent speaker at events. Mike also published a book through FriesenPress titled "Scale-Out Storage - The Next Frontier in Enterprise Data Management", and was listed as a top 50 B2B product marketer to watch by Kapos.

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