Companies are rapidly adopting software-defined storage (SDS), taking advantage of the flexibility, efficiency, and programmability it offers. One critical aspect of a successful SDS deployment is data protection. As many technology vendors begin to offer SDS solutions, they need to provide strong data protection to ensure continuous operation of their customers’ day-to-day business operations. NetApp® ONTAP® MetroCluster SDS aims to provide all the breakthrough benefits of SDS with the resiliency and fault tolerance expected from all NetApp data management solutions. With the introduction of ONTAP MetroCluster SDS, NetApp ONTAP Select software improves data protection. Its multisite synchronous data protection not only guards against local site failures but also offers uninterrupted business-critical operations.


MetroCluster SDS requires two ONTAP Select nodes configured as a high-availability (HA) node pair. The HA pair stores and replicates data between the two nodes synchronously, providing data resiliency. With ONTAP MetroCluster SDS, you can stretch the HA node pair up to 10km apart, providing site-to-site data protection. You can also locate the HA node pair on different floors, in different buildings, and even across a corporate, government, or educational campus. This capability is crucial for enterprises and data centers that require data protection for their business, as well as research or educational sites whose users need continuous service levels.


Your business or organization probably requires more than just site-to-site data protection. In today’s global and digital environment, maintaining operations 24/7 is key, because business no longer operates 9 to 5. Any downtime means loss of business. To prevent applications and business operations from being affected, real-time synchronous data protection with automated failover is very important. The synchronous data replication of MetroCluster SDS provides protection with zero data loss and zero downtime, even when a whole site, data center, or local office experiences unpredictable and uncontrolled outages. Applications automatically switch over to the second HA node pair, and users are unaware of any disruption. MetroCluster SDS not only provides the data protection needed for today’s economy, but also provides continuous data protection so businesses can operate 24/7.


If you’re considering adopting SDS with commodity hardware for data storage, ONTAP Select offers a flexible, efficient, and programmable solution. With ONTAP MetroCluster SDS, you don’t have to sacrifice resiliency for flexibility and programmability, and you can focus on doing what is important for your organization


Check out our free 90-day trial of ONTAP Select, and view an overview video of how ONTAP MetroCluster SDS enables you to rest assured that your data and service levels are protected.


Wayne Gee

Wayne Gee is a Senior Product Manager for NetApp ONTAP Select. He help drives the strategy, roadmap and design for NetApp’s Software Defined Storage. He is passionate about new technologies and launching of new products. He have extensive background in virtualization and software defined networking. Prior to NetApp Wayne held product management, technical lead and business development roles where he focused on strategy, product launch, product design and customer solutions.

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