As data becomes more diverse, more distributed, and more dynamic, data management needs to adapt. For many companies, data is no longer centralized in the data center — it’s also at remote sites, cloud, and temporary instances. Data is  diverse, spanning archival to high performance, file and block, secure and open, critical to temporary. This diversity requires specially adapted services. And finally, data changes characteristics – it grows, moves, shrinks, changes in importance.


In addition to adaptability, agility is required. Software-defined storage promises this cloud-like agility for on-premises deployment. NetApp® ONTAP® Select was released just a year ago, and we are already seeing proof of its impact.


How do you create powerful momentum for a breakthrough data management service? By delivering unprecedented flexibility and innovation that meet real customer needs. Case in point: NetApp ONTAP Select

Did You Know?

ONTAP Select is an easily deployed data management solution that runs on your current hardware, existing servers, transforming it into a software-defined storage (SDS) infrastructure. You can have it both ways: the best of the cloud-agility, superfast granular scaling, and also the resiliency and peace of mind of on-premises, closely managed resources.


ONTAP Select is used across a vast array of industries and use cases, including financial services, high-tech manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and public sector, and in all geographical regions of the globe. Here are some examples:

  • A European consumer goods software company needed a robust, cost-effective data management solution that enabled centralized backup of a diverse dataset, pulled from consumer services, loyalty programs, social media, and IoT sensors. ONTAP Select was chosen over the competition because it offered the right combination of replication and backup capabilities to support their business objectives.
  • A top-10 enterprise software company worldwide is using Select for group shares and remote locations, taking advantage of the ease of deployment, cost efficiency and management consistency. Their requirements did not call for dedicated appliances, and they were able to leverage existing hardware to create a unified storage environment across remote sites and their data centers. The ONTAP framework has been very successful for them previously and this provided a means to tie in remote sites into the existing infrastructure with great results from an operational efficiency and financial return perspective.
  • A global legal services company based in the mid-west found that ONTAP Select was the right fit for their needs, specifically for remote sites where HW existed already, but where they wanted to tie in the data collection and replication to their Data center environment with the same interface and tools leveraging NetApps data fabric approach. The result was super fast replication at a very cost effective price point, that will be easily expandable.
  • A world-wide Pharmaceutical is deploying ONTAP Select vNAS in 10s of countries to provide NAS services on their HCI platform. The addition of ONTAP Select to the solution provides users with home directories and file shares in ROBO locations. Not only does the vNAS solution provide an extremely cost effective answer for CIFS and NFS but it adds a set of capabilities otherwise not available for HCI solutions today.

In fact, successful companies are building new business solutions based on ONTAP Select, such as Sugon, a leading Chinese IT infrastructure company that is delivering Select with their systems to grow their data storage business. And Vector Data is providing ruggedized systems  with Select for tactical application, so that  land, sea, and mobile forces can gather and share data to help their missions succeed, which is a benefit to all of us.

Why Is ONTAP Select Growing So Quickly?

The answer is focused innovation. NetApp has been a leader in data storage and data fabric solutions for 25 years by pushing the innovation envelope based on evolving customer needs. Select is a perfect example of how we deliver flexibility through targeted innovation:

  • ONTAP Select vNAS provides NFS and CIFS services on any ESXi based HCI system
  • ONTAP Select can be quickly installed on any commodity hardware and be up in running in minutes.
  • You can take advantage of NVMe drives (an industry first) with ONTAP, giving you a broad choice for deployment with groundbreaking performance.

It’s no surprise that Select is gaining traction so quickly (growing at more than 50% month over month for the past year) and has 10PB+ under management for more than 200 customers around the globe and across a wide range of industries. And we’re just getting started.


Start your free trial of ONTAP Select today:

Jay Subramanian

Jay Subramanian has been with NetApp for 15 years and is currently the Vice President of ONTAP Product Management. During this tenure at NetApp, Jay has led product management for a variety of key areas including the WAFL file system, storage efficiency, Flash, performance, multi-tenancy and more recently on Software Defined Storage. He has been an active spokesperson for NetApp on a number of customer and partner facing forums. In his current role, his Product management team sets the direction for the FAS/ONTAP product family. Prior to NetApp, Jay’s career included engineering and Product Management roles at Novell, Lotus/IBM, Network Associates (McAfee) and other startups. Jay also holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and is also an alum of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley)

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