The new best-in-class FAS system - FAS500f

Early in my career, I was part of a small product management team in the Network Storage division of Sun Microsystems. It was a fledgling group that was jostling to gain attention, because SPARC servers, Solaris, and Java were the shiny objects in the Sun “universe.”


Most of the Network Storage product line at that time consisted of unsophisticated direct-attached storage, and we were looking for a way to extend the product offering. After months of inter-business-unit deliberation without results, I received some sage advice from the VP of product development: “When in doubt, go to the source of truth—our customers.”


So we did just that. Through a series of discussions with customers, we were able to gain insightful data about what they needed. The result: We fast-tracked our product development and achieved the most successful new product line ramp and customer adoption in our division’s history.

NetApp’s inherent focus on customers

That focus on customer success has always stuck with me, and I’m proud to now be a part of NetApp—a company that has this customer-centric ethos ingrained in everything that it does.


NetApp’s recent slate of product announcements highlights the company’s focus on helping customers like you unlock the best of cloud and on-premises infrastructure. NetApp® ONTAP® 9.8 key features, such as enhanced cloud tiering and improved business continuity and efficiency, play a huge role in that effort. You can read more about ONTAP 9.8 innovation in Jon Jacob’s recent blog post.

New best-in-class FAS system

We have also expanded the FAS product line by adding a new FAS500f system. With FAS500f, you get more flexibility when you need a highly scalable storage solution for deployments that support huge volumes of unstructured data, such as:

  • Medical imaging
  • Media and entertainment, including animation
  • Electronic design automation (EDA), computer-aided design (CAD), and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  • Analytics

If you want to aggregate your SAN or virtualized workloads, the FAS500f has the best latency and response times in the FAS family and full NVMe throughput (to the hosts and drives). You can also deploy FAS systems as a backup, disaster recovery (DR), or development and testing target (the secondary site) from a NetApp AFF source (the primary site).


With an industry-first 24-node scale-out capability, unified SAN and NAS capabilities, and 19PB of storage capacity through a 3:1 storage Efficiency Guarantee, NetApp really does offer the superior option in this storage class. And you get it all in a slim 2U-high (3.5-inch), 367TB, high-availability base system configuration.



Along with scalability and low latency, the FAS500f can help you manage your capital expenditures. The FAS500f system includes deep cloud integration and NetApp StorageGRID® object storage cold data tiering.

Most comprehensive cloud storage integration

With NetApp, say yes to:

  • On-premises performance and SLA’s
  • Cloud economics
  • Flexibility of choice

most comprehensive cloud storage integration

FAS—a customer and analyst favorite

During NetApp’s most recent fiscal year, customers deployed tens of thousands of FAS controllers. If you’re one of those customers, we at NetApp extend a heartfelt thank-you.


And if you’re considering NetApp, thank you for the opportunity to show you how our customer-centric ethos can help you achieve your business objectives with the new FAS500f. To learn more about FAS500f systems, check out the NetApp FAS landing page.


But don’t rely only on information from NetApp. You should also read the independent perspective of Chris Mellor from Blocks & Files.

Tony Huynh

Tony Huynh has over ten years of solutions and product marketing experience in data center management, analytics, automation SaaS, and core cloud infrastructure areas.

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