Very rarely do you get to witness, much less be a part of, the transformation of an entire industry. For the past 2 years at NetApp, I’ve had a front-row seat to such an exciting experience. This week NetApp hosted an analyst day at our new Digital Visionary Center (DVC) to showcase how NetApp empowers our customers to change the world with data. I’d like to share my reflections on investments we’ve recently made to give our customers industry-leading solutions for building clouds to accelerate new services.

Simplify. Automate. Scale.

Every company’s journey to the cloud is unique. Market dynamics change daily, and various combinations of public and private cloud services fit a variety of workloads and business needs. The group I work in helps our customers build zero-touch clouds to create a more agile business. We focus on helping our customers in the following areas:

  • Simplify and automate virtualized workloads
  • Build service provider infrastructure
  • Accelerate your DevOps journey
  • Optimize unstructured data

Let me go into detail about some news from this group that helps customers simplify operational tasks and automate business processes at scale.

NetApp StorageGRID: Best Solution for Financial Services, Period.

With an increased focus on analysis of financial and personal data, companies are gathering massive amounts of rich media (recorded calls, scanned contracts, email archives) that demand auditable data retention policies. NetApp StorageGRID®, the number one data management solution for distributed organizations, now automates tamper-proof retention of critical financial and personal data. With the release of the StorageGRID 11.1 software, we can showcase and accelerate the momentum of our customers in the financial services industry.


Financial services organizations often standardize on certified hardware and/or software platforms for operational efficiency and security. The flexible nature of our solution enables our customers to easily deploy NetApp StorageGRID into their environments. The simplicity of deploying StorageGRID as a container or virtual machine into these certified environments speeds their operations while maintaining security. As their data grows, companies can easily mix and match software-only deployments and appliance-based solutions. To make deployments even more flexible, capex and opex consumption models are available to match every business need.


NetApp StorageGRID uniquely automates data lifecycle management to deliver differentiated service levels with advanced data retention policies. Our customers incorporate simple S3 calls and integrated lifecycle management policies to prevent premature deletion of rich media content, customer records, and financial transactions in hybrid cloud environments. StorageGRID enables our financial services customers to meet these critical needs:

  • Place data where it’s going to be needed, and prevent it from going where it shouldn’t
  • Define durability, cost of storage, and retention requirements for each stage of the data’s lifecycle, from ingest to purge
  • Adapt policies to dynamically changing business requirements
  • New in 11.1: Prevent data from being modified, overwritten, or erased until the applied retention period and any legal holds have expired. Cohasset Associates has certified that StorageGRID 11.1 complies with:
    • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 17 CFR § 240.17a-4(f), which regulates exchange members, brokers, or dealers.
    • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rule 4511(c).
    • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in regulation 17 CFR § 1.31(c)-(d), which regulates commodity futures trading.


With StorageGRID 11.1, you have the tools you need to retain and manage an unlimited amount of rich media without fear of noncompliant retention of financial and personal data. You can scale to hundreds of petabytes with confidence that all of your data is compliant with varying local, federal, and international data compliance regulations.

Leverage These Capabilities Even If You’re Not in the Financial Services Industry.

Think about how the attributes just listed apply to your organization. News of recent privacy breaches of social media and enterprise data has heightened concern about managing and securing personal and financial data in every business. SEC 17a-4 is viewed as the gold standard for auditable protection of financial rich media – why not get ahead of the game and apply this standard to the needs of your business? If you need to better manage HIPAA compliance or want to prepare for GDPR-like compliance that is probably the future for all areas of the world, consider using NetApp StorageGRID to optimize workflows and reduce overall costs for your globally distributed rich media.

NetApp HCI is Rocking the Marketplace.

At the opening of our DVC this week, Brad Anderson, general manager of the NetApp Cloud Infrastructure business unit, hosted customers and partners, showcasing how they are building clouds to accelerate new services with NetApp HCI.

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital spoke about how they automated and scaled their VMware-based VDI end-user computing on NetApp HCI, providing quality of service for all their various workloads on a single platform.
  • Coca-Cola Israel described how NetApp HCI provides management simplicity by mirroring the HCI system to existing remote backup ONTAP® systems, for proven file services solutions.
  • Consultel Cloud shared how they use NetApp HCI to enable customer innovation by deploying new environments for subscribers faster and more cost effectively than ever before.

Get Ahead of the Game.

As the transformation of our industry continues to unfold, there will be winners and there will be losers. Businesses that embrace the hybrid cloud will capture new value that will differentiate them from the competition.

Be a Winner.

Now is the time to embrace the value of the hybrid cloud, and NetApp has the perfect tools to help you transform your business into that agile machine you want it to be. Use the one-two punch of NetApp StorageGRID and NetApp HCI to create a simple and automated path for scaling your environment to beat the competition and build clouds to accelerate new services for your business.

Dale Degen

Dale Degen is the Director of Product and Solutions Marketing for NetApp, where he leads the assessment of potential markets, creates the product marketing strategy, and ensures that field teams have the knowledge and tools required to meet their goals. Focused most recently on the needs of the Next-Generation Data Center, he is charged with growing the business of NetApp SolidFire, NetApp HCI and NetApp StorageGRID for modern applications.

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