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Transformative DevOps for Easier and Faster Software Builds


The future of software releases is clear. Continuous delivery is here to stay. But does that mean that traditional build, release and Continuous integration systems and infrastructure must be altogether abandoned? Traditional applications carry with them databases and backend that are built on technologies that don’t lend themselves to instant deployment models, but there are tools […]

Cost Efficient Data Management for Source Code and Binary Repositories


Challenge – A common practice has been to use local commodity hardware or cloud destinations to host source code repositories, or to move the repositories to GitHub for managed services. There are some significant challenges with this approach. As the size of the code base or the number of repositories grows, scalability, reliability, and predictive […]

Data Behind Agile Development: Optimizing Source Code and Binary Repositories


DevOps adoption is transforming almost every aspect of how software is developed and delivered. Regardless of the type of application, the promise of delivering new and improved software-enabled experiences faster, and at scale, has become a business imperative for most organizations.   This is the first in a blog series that will focus on dealing […]

How Cloud Backup with AltaVault Can Help SAP Customers Optimize…


Today, many customers consider to run cloud services as natural extension to their traditional IT infrastructure. Agility, simplification and a clear usage-based cost model are the most important business drivers. Even SAP customers are considering to benefit from this trend and service.   With NetApp’s AltaVault, SAP customers can simplify their backup strategy using cloud […]

Shaving the Square Peg – Database Automation in DevOps


Making the most of Microservices, Containers, Infrastructure as Code, and Continuous Integration/Deployment All of these technology patterns have become mainstays of the modern application landscape. As distributed, self-healing, and automated architectures have come to dominate greenfield deployment models, a new breed of database architectures has risen to complement these highly scalable systems. Unfortunately, NoSQL isn’t […]

DevOps vs. SRE: Why not both?


How to create a culture of cooperation across your software development lifecycle Like most good trends in IT, it can be hard to trace when exactly the trend started. Was it during a conference in a particular year? Was a paper picked up by teams around the world? Did a seemingly nondescript tweet or social […]