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Shaving the Square Peg – Database Automation in DevOps


Making the most of Microservices, Containers, Infrastructure as Code, and Continuous Integration/Deployment All of these technology patterns have become mainstays of the modern application landscape. As distributed, self-healing, and automated architectures have come to dominate greenfield deployment models, a new breed of database architectures has risen to complement these highly scalable systems. Unfortunately, NoSQL isn’t […]

DevOps vs. SRE: Why not both?


How to create a culture of cooperation across your software development lifecycle Like most good trends in IT, it can be hard to trace when exactly the trend started. Was it during a conference in a particular year? Was a paper picked up by teams around the world? Did a seemingly nondescript tweet or social […]

DevOps: Cultural Evolution or a Revolutionary Shift?


  Part 1 of 3   According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, “Every business will become a software business, build applications, use advanced analytics and provide SaaS services.” Made at Microsoft’s 2015 Convergence conference, Nadella’s prediction hardly seems far-fetched considering that a modern high-end car features more than 100 million lines of code.   For […]