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Who cares about backup? 

March 30, 2021

Realistically? Not many folks. Backup is almost always seen as an afterthought, as an insurance policy that you only concern yourself with when it is time to make a claim, or groan when the premium (software license) renewal comes around. Makes me think of Chris Rock’s stand-up routine, where he says it shouldn’t even be […]

Simplify Data Protection Management with NetApp SnapCenter 3.0

August 7, 2017

NetApp announced a new version of SnapCenter®, version 3.0, in June, and we have now released SnapCenter 3.0 to the public. NetApp® SnapCenter software provides a simple, centralized, scalable, end-to-end data protection and in-place copy data management solution for enterprise data on the premises or in a hybrid cloud. SnapCenter leverages NetApp Snapshot™, SnapRestore®, FlexClone®, […]

Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 98: SnapCenter 3.0

July 27, 2017

This week on the podcast, we check in with John Spinks, SnapCenter TME, to find out what’s in SnapCenter 3.0 – just in time for its release!     Each week, the Tech ONTAP Podcast discusses all-things NetApp, interviews subject-matter experts, and provides insights into the storage industry. Follow the hosts on Twitter: Justin Parisi, Glenn Sizemore, and Andrew Sullivan. […]

NetApp Solutions for MongoDB

July 10, 2017

Social, mobile, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) data is proliferating. This proliferation is driving enterprises to deploy hyperscale, distributed, data-centric applications such as customer analytics, e-commerce, security, surveillance, and business intelligence. To handle the data requirements of these high-volume, high–ingestion-rate, real-time applications, enterprises are rapidly adopting massively scalable and nonrelational databases such as MongoDB. […]

AltaVault: Award-Winning Cloud Backup

February 28, 2017

Did you hear? In recent months, NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage was recognized for three awards!   First, Technology Marketing Corporation announced AltaVault as a winner of the 2016 Cloud Computing Magazine Backup and Disaster Recovery Award. This award recognizes technologies and vendors that have built cloud solutions empowering businesses to remain active and productive, under even […]

AltaVault 4.3 – Cloud Backup Your Way

January 26, 2017

Today, NetApp® released version 4.3 of AltaVault™ cloud-integrated storage. This new version includes two new product integrations, both of which are designed to provide customers more choice in how they back up their data to the cloud.   Introducing AltaVault integration with Amazon Snowball At Netapp Insight 2016, Amazon Web Services VP, Bill Vass, and […]