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Tech ONTAP Podcast Episode 97: ONTAP Analytics and Telemetry Service…

July 21, 2017

This week on the podcast, we’re talking ONTAP Analytics in the cloud and the new OATS product with a crew of performance folks including Greg Keller, Sr. Director, Performance Engineering, Matt Hambrick, Director of Performance Engineering, and Fred Peiffer, Performance Characterization Engineer/Architect. Find out how OATS is using existing performance data and machine learning to […]

Take Application-Consistent Backups of JFrog Artifactory with SnapCenter 2.0 on…

May 23, 2017

In order to truly adopt a continuous integration (CI) process developers are challenged with building easy and efficient tools to store, change, test and integrate code into the main code base. When addressed, developers can easily identify and fix bugs early in the development lifecycle improving code quality and time to market.   Luckily, developers […]