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Next generation FlexPod moves your data center into the hybrid…

June 8, 2021

Smartphones, especially iPhones, are commonplace today—they’re everywhere. They’ve been propelled to must-have status by various attributes and capabilities, such as cloud-connected services, consumption models, applications, and automation ecosystems. Smartphones combined, aggregated, and improved on technologies that already existed: operating systems, applications, cameras, internet connection, capital expenditure (capex) or operational expenditure (opex) payment, and GPS software, […]

Groundbreaking Cisco UCS X-Series and FlexPod: A winning team for…

June 2, 2021

Today, Cisco introduces its next forward-looking advancements in compute, the Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System. Cisco hit a homerun in the data center World Series with its first-generation UCS servers. In its first compute chassis, Cisco pioneered stateless management and a unified fabric. Shortly after, Cisco and NetApp together introduced the best-in-class FlexPod® converged infrastructure […]

Introducing the Cisco Intersight and NetApp ONTAP Integrated Management Solution…

May 20, 2021

For months, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the fruits of the Cisco Intersight and NetApp ONTAP collaboration. FlexPod customers and partners have played a key role in the technical preview of the Intersight-ONTAP integration and provided invaluable feedback to help shape the final product.   Well, the wait is finally over…   Today, we are ushering […]

Intelligent FlexPod management with Cisco Intersight

March 18, 2021

FlexPod® has been the de facto converged infrastructure platform for enterprise workload consolidation. Many customers rely on the proven reliability, scalability, flexibility, and innovations of FlexPod to support their mission critical applications. The ability to intelligently manage this valuable asset can have direct influence on your IT strategy and spending as well as business outcomes. […]

Confidently manage medical imaging on FlexPod

November 9, 2020

Diagnostic medical imaging is a crucial component of the overall healthcare delivery process. Ever since Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays and began applying them to create medical images more than a century ago, science has provided dozens of modalities for medical imaging. Because such images enable doctors to noninvasively observe the normal and abnormal structure and […]

What’s New with FlexPod?

November 6, 2020

This year, NetApp and Cisco are celebrating our 10-year successful partnership. FlexPod® grew from a simple concept to bring together the best-of-breed technology innovations from these two industry leaders into a converged infrastructure. The mission was to offer our partners and customers a validated platform that was easy to deploy and simple to manage. And […]

FlexPod speaks hybrid cloud

October 19, 2020

Language is an amazing tool. Humans leverage this tool in multiple settings as an efficient method to communicate and solve problems. It would be almost inconceivable to have our modern world without language. In fact, language really underpins almost all that humans do as they cooperate and move forward with other people. Another interesting point […]