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Customer sessions at INSIGHT

October 22, 2020

As a NetApp customer of nearly six glorious years, I’ve had the opportunity to attend NetApp® INSIGHT® five times and counting. Each event has been a unique experience, and this year with the event going virtual it will certainly be different. However, the agenda suggests that the number of great sessions is one thing that […]

INSIGHT Certifications & The Tech Meet Elite

October 8, 2020

The NetApp® INSIGHT® 2020 Digital Event is coming up quick, on Monday, October 26 through Thursday, October 29. NetApp just announced the registration, agenda, sessions list, and certification information. Check it out at the NetApp INSIGHT site.   For 18 years I’ve been at every conference, including the “Bat Cave” Fall Classic events in Sunnyvale. […]

NetApp INSIGHT: Straight to Your Screen

April 16, 2020

Next Thursday, April 23, NetApp will kick-off a digital event designed to bring all that you love about INSIGHT right to your home office, kitchen table, or favorite sofa.   Registration is free for everyone, so sign up today!   As a member of the NetApp A-Team, I had the opportunity to get a peak […]

NetApp INSIGHT Goes Digital!

April 15, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I made a commitment to you—that I would tap into our innovative NetApp nature to design a cutting-edge, digital experience that will bring the content that we had planned for Paris and Berlin in-person events to all of you across EMEA.   So, it’s with great excitement and gratitude that […]

Postponing NetApp INSIGHT Paris and Berlin events

March 4, 2020

We had to make some tough decisions today. To postpone our NetApp INSIGHT events in Paris and Berlin that were scheduled for March 2020. NetApp INSIGHT events are something I look forward to: hosting our customers, our partners and our employees in venues where we come together to collaborate on data-driven innovation—in the public cloud […]

NetApp INSIGHT Live from London!

February 3, 2020

Are you suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) because you’re not attending NetApp INSIGHT in London tomorrow, 4 February? Fear not! NetApp has all-day live coverage streaming to your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.   Introducing NetApp INSIGHT+   For the first time, NetApp is bringing the excitement of INSIGHT Central directly to […]

Why People Don’t Go to NetApp INSIGHT

January 22, 2020

  The world of the technical professional is complex. The demands on technology in today’s business are greater than ever, the landscape is more complex, the options are seemingly endless, and the trends are moving at a breakneck pace. How do we keep up and ensure that we’re making the most of the technology we […]

NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Las Vegas

November 27, 2019

An A-Team Member’s Perspective   This year’s NetApp INSIGHT™ conference was one for the books! As always, it was chock full of great content. For me, the highlight of the conference was the chance to learn about some of the partnerships NetApp has with other vendors and how they could better help me to achieve […]