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NetApp Insight 2016: Day 1

September 27, 2016

Tonight represented a milestone of sorts in the 2016 US presidential election – the first face-to-face debate between the two major party nominees.  Similarly, there is a strong debate emerging from within the digital information community.  The topic of that debate is how to best manage and extract value from a king-sized (or queen-sized?) reserve […]

NetApp Insight 2015 Day Two: NetApp and EMC

October 13, 2015

  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the theme of this year’s Insight conference is “Building Data Fabric Together,” which embodies NetApp’s vision of an interconnected hybrid cloud where data can move seamlessly across multiple end points. Today, EMC was a frequent topic at the conference, as NetApp announced a 3X performance guarantee. Move your high-transaction databases from […]