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Downsizing Data Centers As Part of a Cloud-First Strategy


I started my career managing traditional data centers housed in large, brick and mortar facilities with sprawling footprints and dedicated everything. Then came the game changers: hyperscale computing, flash storage, and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Services on demand and visibility to data became an IT imperative.   At NetApp we wanted to take advantage of these game […]

4 Steps to Integrate NetApp OnCommand Insight with ServiceNow Configuration…


NetApp IT has integrated the storage performance data and capacity metrics from NetApp OnCommand Insight (OCI) into a real-time, self-service portal in their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) within ServiceNow. The result has been a fully integrated configuration mapping of assets from business services down to the exact storage volume.   The integration between the NetApp […]

Introducing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in NetApp IT


The introduction of PaaS to the NetApp portfolio offers exciting possibilities for NetApp IT storage. Integrating this feature set into our enterprise IT strategy is one of our top priorities. A cloud-based, automated, self-service infrastructure will enable IT to rapidly deliver platforms to help shorten development cycles and adapt to changing environments.   The Challenge […]

IT First Adopters Join Forces: Customer-0 and Customer-1 Improve NetApp…


Many high-tech companies consider their own IT organization as the first and best customer for their products.  IT can quickly deploy, test, and provide feedback on new products in real production environments before the products are in general release.  This feedback is particularly critical in identifying and addressing issues and features that don’t rise to […]

How Shadow IT Can Sabotage IT Agility


Shadow IT: Technology, as in devices, software, and services, outside the ownership, control or knowledge of IT.   Finding a high-tech enterprise without shadow IT is like finding a three-legged unicorn. Since the beginning of IT, there have been business groups purchasing hardware, software, and/or a specific web services without going through their corporate IT […]