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Kubernetes and Persistent Storage? NetApp is the First to Make…


NetApp is announcing Project Trident, the industry’s first open source dynamic storage provisioner for Kubernetes.   Kubernetes has established itself as one of the most popular container orchestrators in use today. It is also the foundation for many popular Platform-as-a-Service offerings, including Red Hat’s OpenShift, Apprenda’s platform, and is one of the supported platforms for Rancher. Originally an open-source project based on Google’s […]

SolidFire and NetApp, One Year Later


It’s now been a full year since the NetApp acquisition of SolidFire closed – time flies when you’re having fun! While it would be easy to look back at all that we’ve accomplished at NetApp in the first year – new customers, new hardware and software releases, and an entirely new storage licensing model. The […]

451 Research Webcast: Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit


At NetApp SolidFire, we have always sought out the most demanding customers in the world. Whether service providers or enterprises, it really doesn’t matter — the common characteristics are around delivering shared IT Infrastructure at scale.   These environments are dynamic, unpredictable, and experiencing rapid growth and have thrived on the unique SolidFire technology platform. […]

Why VDI Projects Fail


In my seven years of experience in desktop virtualization, I have rarely come across someone that can’t recall a horror story or full failure on a VDI project. Why is that? Let’s first consider end-user expectations. Consider end-user expectations: They want their virtual desktop to “feel” like their physical desktop. They expect a better experience […]

SolidFire and NetApp, 10 Months In


  Yes, it really has been over ten months since SolidFire was acquired by NetApp. Since then, this solid-state storage powerhouse has caused quite a synergistic stir at NetApp, in both technology and company culture. If you thought SolidFire would be just another nice addition to NetApp’s growing all-flash portfolio, you’d only be half right. […]

Introducing the new — the learning center for designing…


Two key themes are dominating conversations about infrastructure technology these days: transformation and disruption (with ancillary discussions about public vs. private cloud thrown in, as well). But what does all that mean to you? How can you take advantage of the latest technologies like containers or maximize new methodologies like DevOps? Which type of cloud […]

3-Dimensional QoS


In a recent post about demystifying QoS for the service provider, I explained the multiple “techniques” used by different storage vendors in order to overcome the problems of noisy neighbors in a multi-tenant mixed-workload environment.   The challenge with the noisy neighbor problem is one of control — or the lack thereof. When an uncontrolled […]