This post is part 5 of a five-part series that explains how infrastructure analytics can be used to improve IT service delivery and reduce costs in a hybrid cloud environment. For a deeper dive, take the OnCommand Insight Product Tour.


Many of the customers I talk to have both on-premises and public cloud infrastructures and are dealing with two separate mandates: a mandate to modernize their on-premises infrastructure and a cloud-driven mandate to innovate and act quickly.

It’s easy to deploy quickly in the cloud but not so easy to control costs and optimize usage. This is where an IT infrastructure management (ITIM) tool can provide both operations and business insights to help you get control and take appropriate actions.


NetApp offers an ITIM tool called NetApp® OnCommand® Insight. I have met with hundreds of customers in banking, retail, insurance, and service industries, and I have seen them gain substantial benefits from their Insight deployments. Talking with these customers, I see these benefits falling into four primary activities: monitor, troubleshoot, optimize, and justify.


Here’s an overview video demonstrating these four values.


Monitor to Ensure That You Meet Your SLAs

OnCommand Insight management software gives you a simple way to monitor your entire infrastructure, including your multivendor on-premises systems and your public cloud resources.


With Insight, you can monitor your whole infrastructure in real time from a single dashboard. You’ll know exactly how your systems are performing and being used. Insight’s policy-based monitoring goes beyond simply monitoring devices; it includes a view of service paths and configuration compliance. When Insight detects a configuration policy or performance-level violation, it provides you with the exact data to quickly determine the root cause of the violation. With that analysis, you can be confident that you’re delivering on your SLAs.


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Troubleshoot to Reduce MTTR

With all the complexity in your hybrid infrastructure, finding a problem can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. While you spend time searching for answers—why did that application come to a grinding halt? —your customer satisfaction is plummeting.


This is where Insight comes to the rescue. The anomalies in infrastructure behavior that it uncovers can lead you to the source of a problem in minutes, instead of hours or days. Insight lets you fix problems before they escalate into emergencies. So you can be a hero—instead of the one who gets the blame when it all goes wrong.


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Optimize to Reduce Expenditures

In today’s IT world, with resources in play from your on-premises data centers to multiple public clouds, it’s hard to know what’s really in use and what can be freed up. Do you know whether your applications are running on the right performance tier? Are they overprovisioned?


Knowing what you have and who’s using it are critical to rightsizing and freeing up unused infrastructure. This is especially true in complex hybrid cloud environments. Infrastructure analytics can provide both operational and business insights to help you get control and take appropriate actions.
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Justify Costs to Create Accountability and Business Alignment

Showing where your infrastructure is being used, who is using it, and how much it’s costing lets you justify investments and create accountability and business alignment. Despite the utility of a showback process, you might not deploy it because it’s hard to implement. The reports are often time consuming to create and rely heavily on manual inputs.
OnCommand Insight showback reports enable you to publish accurate cost and usage metrics for your complete infrastructure, including multivendor and multicloud deployments. This lets you hold internal departments accountable for their use of the infrastructure.


Accurate usage reports also give you the opportunity to suggest lower-cost alternatives to your users. For example, you might move an application to a lower-cost tier of storage if high performance isn’t needed.


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By using an ITIM tool such as OnCommand Insight to monitor your entire infrastructure, including your multivendor on-premises systems and your public cloud resources, you can indeed save time and money.


If you’re interested in learning more, I invite to you try it for yourself using our interactive demo.

Kurt Sand

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