NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS
NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS

You are responsible for finding new ways to accelerate your business, using data to drive real, bottom-line results. To do that, you want to migrate more and more on-premises workloads to the public cloud, yet you’re faced with differences in file formats, slow file-storage performance and the threat of inconsistent data. Plus, no one said all of this was cheap.  Ingress and egress charges continue to sky-rocket. The public clouds should be your saving grace, and services that live there should handle any workload you throw at them. You shouldn’t have to choose between things like high performance and data consistency. What if you could have multiprotocol cloud volumes with the performance and advanced features to run any workload? To go from zero to 100TB in 8 seconds, fully automated?  Now that’s a proper service!


Welcome to the world of NetApp Cloud Volumes, our cloud service enabling file services, analytics, DevOps, and enterprise applications. So, why is this service right for you? Here are the top 3 reasons to use Cloud Volumes for AWS.

Native Integration

Cloud Volumes are designed for AWS, so you can use the cloud portals you normally use and buy from AWS like you normally do. It’s available in the AWS Marketplace for familiar, convenient billing. So you buy what, where, and how you want. You don’t have to add any separate processes or disruptions when using Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

Ease of Use

Welcome to the first cloud data service that is simple to consume and easy to use. You don’t have any products that have to be installed or configured. Schedule snapshots of your Cloud Volumes, restore and do a one-time migration to the cloud or continuously keep your data in sync – with no added complexity. And with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, we are your admins. Just choose your performance tier and we’ll guarantee the quality of service and SLA (uptime). You can take advantage of our intuitive user interface or automate everything through REST APIs, so you can focus your attention on innovation – not data management.

High Performance

Cloud Volumes for AWS deliver advanced, enterprise-class services to your cloud applications, so your technology stack becomes rocket fuel for innovation.  You crave screaming fast, file-storage performance, and you deserve it as a service, not by standing up your own expensive NFS or SMB servers with the highest levels of block storage. With Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, you only pay for what you consume. Plus, you can further shrink your storage costs with our embedded deduplication and compression, maintained during your workload’s trip to the cloud.


Built on NetApp’s proven ONTAP® technology together with advanced cloud data services, Cloud Volumes Service will match your application’s need for performance and scale with the flexibility to auto-grow and shrink as needed. Cloud Volumes support you with multiprotocol NFSv3, NFSv4 and SMB volumes. Run workloads in the cloud with extreme speed and predictability, without sacrificing flexibility.


The world of cloud just got real … real fast, advanced, intuitive, automated, consistent, productive and yes … affordable.  Get your workloads and applications to the cloud months and even years sooner with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

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NetApp Cloud Volumes support multiple file access across protocols (NFS, SMB), provide rich features that enable you to better manage your data, and provide consistently high performance delivered as a simple native cloud service. Get an exclusive first look at the new Cloud Volumes for AWS. Register now for an exclusive preview.

Kristina Brand

Kristina Brand is a Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager and has been with NetApp over seven years. She is responsible for GTM strategy and execution in the Cloud Product Marketing group. Prior to NetApp, she has experience at several software companies including Progress Software and NICE Systems. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Business at Quinsigamond Community College.

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