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Have you ever wondered what separates a finely tuned IT organization from one that’s just getting by? The answer is optimization. NetApp® Active IQ® can help you optimize your business to run better by using insights from across NetApp’s vast worldwide customer and partner base. NetApp is taking the lead in artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling you to make smart, actionable decisions faster than ever before. But wait, there’s more!


Here are the top five reasons why you should be using Active IQ.


1) Active IQ helps you prevent problems before they affect your business.
Continuous risk assessments, predictive alerts, and automated case resolution prevent problems before they affect your business. Machine-learning-enabled algorithms automatically resolve highest-severity cases by 85%, so the number of issues that need personal attention is much lower, reducing the burden on your IT staff. And by accelerating issue resolution up to 60%, you don’t have to worry about burning up your IT team’s time with troubleshooting. When you combine Active IQ recommendations and virtual support provided by Elio with IBM Watson®, you can solve problems four times faster than traditional methods. When you need more info, our knowledgebase powered by Elio can help you get the answers you need quickly.


2) Active IQ can make you more efficient.
Drawing on more than 200 billion data points—growing every day—Active IQ helps users collectively save more than $600M annually by planning ahead and avoiding costly unplanned downtime.


Active IQ also shows you how efficient you are compared with others in the installed base. The Storage Efficiency Advisor compares your efficiency against the NetApp installed base and makes specific recommendations for how you can improve.


3) Active IQ makes it easy to engage with NetApp.
Gain simple and secure visibility into the health of your systems across your Data Fabric. By forecasting capacity needs, Active IQ can tell you well in advance when you’re running low and may encounter capacity issues. You can then simply click a button in Active IQ and request that NetApp or a partner work with you to add capacity or plan for an upgrade. Active IQ makes it easy to make decisions for your entire NetApp environment from a single vantage point. Access Active IQ from anywhere, on any device.


4) Active IQ is powered by Community wisdom.
When you’re doing data science, sample size matters. To provide custom recommendations based on peer comparisons, Active IQ pulls from a multipetabyte data lake of diagnostic records from more than 300K NetApp products. Active IQ analytics get smarter over time as new products join the community, giving you more robust insights. Tools like the Risk Advisor use community wisdom from NetApp’s installed base to alert you about risk factors, predict which risks will be resolved when upgrading, and provide the probability of resolution based on the experience of others in the community.


5) Active IQ is available for you to use—today!
The capabilities and features of Active IQ are baked into all products in the NetApp portfolio and are included with an active support contract. You just need to enable NetApp AutoSupport® and start using the web or mobile app today. We’ll be updating it all the time, so let us know what you changes you’d like to see!


Download the app (iOS or Android) to see for yourself what Active IQ can do for you. To learn more, visit


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Marty Mayer

Marty is the Director of Product Management for NetApp Active IQ. He is responsible for leading product management teams and setting product strategy for customer, partner, and internal usage of Active IQ. He has over twenty years of industry experience, with his primary focus being on improving digital experiences for customers. His passion is helping customers solve their toughest IT challenges and drive better business outcomes using automation and predictive analytics.

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