High-performance shared file storage that’s scalable and highly available is crucial to delivering a data analytics platform. Cloud users need file storage that’s easy to use and has  the features to support data analytics solutions, no matter which hyperscaler they use.


Azure NetApp® Files and NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are fully managed cloud storage solutions that use cloud compute and storage resources to provide an on-demand service for allocating, synchronizing, and managing highly available and scalable file shares in the cloud.


What are the major benefits of building data analytics solutions with Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service?

High I/O Performance

Processing large volumes of data, as is typical in analytics environments, requires consistent, high-performance I/O systems to ensure that data is readily available to compute resources. Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service allow users to configure one of three different service levels, on the fly,  for each volume: Standard, Premium, or Extreme, which deliver up to 16MB, 64MB, and 128MB of throughput per TB, respectively.


Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service scale data access to a level that is not possible with other shared file services. As analytics clusters grow in size, the storage environments they depend on must continue to provide predictable high performance. This can be especially difficult to achieve with custom-built NAS solutions.

Faster Results

Analytics environments usually require temporary working copies of the data to perform preprocessing operations. Such an environment is required, for example, when testing data transformations that enrich the source data. By using the NetApp Snapshot™ and cloning technologies that come with Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service, users can clone volumes in a very short time. And multiple clones can be created of the same source volume concurrently.

Data Consolidation

Using the built-in synchronization services, users can seamlessly synchronize data to and from multiple data sources. Data can be consolidated from on-premises systems, cloud-based environments, and even across cloud platforms. Consolidating data from multiple sources into Azure NetApp Files or Cloud Volumes Service brings consistent performance with enterprise data protection.

Expanded Application Collaboration

Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service offer a shared file service environment that allows hundreds of services and/or applications to access the same dataset at the same time. A single dataset can be gathered by many application sources and also acted upon concurrently by analytics engines, saving hours – or even days – copying datasets to multiple locations.  This means  rapid time to results with the absolutely latest information.

Secure Multicloud Data Mobility

Ensuring the security of data traffic is essential for building enterprise systems, such as a data analytics platform. All data in Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service is encrypted and secure for SMB and NFS connections.

Experience Azure NetApp Files and Cloud Volumes Service

These file services offer rich features that help you to manage your data with consistently high performance. Register now to access cloud-native file services on the cloud platform of your choice: Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. Get started and learn how easy it is to manage, protect, and restore your file data.

Jeff Whitaker

Jeff Whitaker is the Sr. Manager, Cloud Solutions Marketing at NetApp. When he is not carving out new horizons in product marketing for Azure NetApp Files for Microsoft Azure, he can be found racing motocross up and down the west coast. You can reach Jeff directly at jeff.whitaker@netapp.com