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While going through a recent report by 451 Research “Voice of the Enterprise”, I was surprised to see How Organizations are Protecting their SaaS Data?

25% don’t Backup their SaaS application despite knowing the threats associated with data loss. Manual copies to an on-premises datacenter (11%) and manual copies to another cloud (3%) seems to be a good starting point, but these operations could be affected by human error- especially witnessing the scale of the data.


These results seem contrary to the common belief that cloud backup providers offer many advantages. We often hear how robust, inexpensive, and convenient the cloud approach is, compared with in-house backups. Obviously, however, strong resistance exists. This resistance is based largely on the security aspects of cloud-based backups. Skepticism and caution about security are natural when you move data from your internal storage to someone else’s storage. Also, the location where you are sending the data is shared by many others, which increases doubts about the security of your data.


We understand that relinquishing direct control of many aspects of your data requires a high level of trust. Maintaining a high level of security is the foremost concern for NetApp® SaaS Backup. We offer transparent operations, along with continuous compliance. Our primary goals in achieving the utmost security and winning your trust are:

  • Securing your data in the cloud
  • Preserving your privacy
  • Helping you comply with regulatory standards

NetApp SaaS Backup Q&A

Q: Does NetApp SaaS Backup fully protect customers’ data?

NetApp SaaS Backup protects information by analyzing the risks associated with each threat area and taking appropriate actions. SaaS Backup also encrypts data at rest and in transit to meet security requirements. We ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability, and resilience of your data while protecting it.


Q: Do NetApp systems lock out hackers and combat cyberattack?

A successful cyberattack can shut down operations — not just for a few hours, but for several days or even weeks. And the collateral damage, such as information leaks and harm to reputation, can last much longer.


We do search for vulnerabilities and fix them. But legacy security defenses are no longer adequate. With real-time monitoring, we catch attackers in the act and render them harmless.


Q: What about privacy?

The data belongs to you; you are the owner. The NetApp service portfolio meets your privacy obligations for areas including deletion, rectification, transfer of, access to, and objections in the processing of personal data.


Q: Does SaaS Backup help customers be GDPR compliant?

The whole IT world is focused on their efforts to be GDPR compliant. NetApp is committed to being GDPR compliant and to helping our customers be compliant also. When you outsource your data to us for backup and restore, we become your ‘”data processor.” As data processors, we are obligated to provide “sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures” to meet GDPR requirements and protect data subjects’ rights. NetApp adheres to the Code of Conduct for data processors and controllers, as described in GDPR Article 40. The “right to be forgotten and erasure” is also provided, as required.


Q: Does SaaS Backup focus on identity and access management?

Identity and access management checks who has access to personal data. SaaS Backup strictly enforces segregation of duties and role-based access to protect your personal data from unauthorized access. When a data subject needs to access the data, we confirm their identify before providing access.


Q: How do you use customers’ data?

SaaS Backup uses your data for only one purpose: to provide you data protection. We do not mine or share your data with anyone for advertising, marketing, or any other purpose.


Q: How can customers get their data back?

Gartner suggests, “Ask potential providers how you would get your data back and if it would be in a format that you could import into a replacement application.” With NetApp SaaS Backup, your data is not locked in. If you decide to end your subscription, you get back full access to your data, in a consistent format. After the minimum retention period, we delete your data throughout its whole trajectory.


Trust and Security should not be a roadblock in your journey towards Data Protection. We are here to address your Data Protection needs with utmost security commitment. Go for a free trial and check it out.

Shraddha Agarwala

Shraddha Agarwala is an Information Security Engineer with Cloud Business Unit at Netapp. Her focus areas include security testing and validation for NetApp's SaaS backup portfolio. She is passionate about information security and likes to evangelize the importance of securing information and related best practices.