Congratulations to the team at Portworx. Starting a company, raising money, building technology, and having a successful outcome are all very difficult things to do.


We think that software-defined storage for Kubernetes is a big opportunity — so much so that we have built Project Astra, a Kubernetes application data lifecycle management service that’s founded on NetApp® ONTAP® software. We believe that a data fabric is better when it’s built with one unified storage operating system instead of the three that Pure (and Portworx) uses.


We also differ from Portworx in that we believe that cloud-native Kubernetes storage is better with the deep native support of the public clouds rather than attempting to do it without them. What you might not know is that today, Project Astra sits behind NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Google Cloud, and soon it will be behind the hugely successful Azure NetApp Files. It’s better to take Kubernetes from the cloud back to on premises, not the other way around.


How does Project Astra work? It is 100% software and has no hardware dependencies. In the public clouds, we run Project Astra today on the native storage infrastructures of Google Cloud and Azure. On-premises Project Astra also runs on any logical unit number (LUN).


To have a complete system in Kubernetes, you need more than storage and a fully managed service. Only NetApp has the completeness of cloud data services like backup, compliance, AND something truly unique…Spot by NetApp. To get a fully managed platform for cloud-native, you need serverless AND storageless. Portworx is a self-managed storage product.


Project Astra is part of a much bigger NetApp. A cloud-native NetApp that’s chosen by the public clouds and used by thousands of customers in both public and private clouds.

Anthony Lye

Throughout his 27-year career, Lye has held a diverse range of senior leadership roles at companies ranging from 10-person firms to large multi-nationals. He has managed all aspects of business operations, including full responsibility for P&L, development and product management, direct and partner sales leadership, with hands-on experience building applications and working with developers skilled in AWS, Azure and force.com. His background includes leading teams in both North America and Europe, with extensive international travel to Asia and South America.

Prior to his role as EVP and chief cloud officer at Guidewire Software, he served as president & CEO for HotSchedules, a vertical cloud company building applications for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. He was previously the global president of Digital Platforms, Customer Relationship Management and channels at Publicis, the world’s largest digital agency. He was also senior vice president and general manager of Oracle’s CRM and Customer Experience, and earlier in his career, held senior leadership positions at Siebel Systems and Remedy Corporation.

Lye earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with honors from the University of Bath in Bath, United Kingdom. He serves on the board of Spoken Communications and is an investor in both startups and venture funds

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