Today is a very special day for me. After a month of reviewing hundreds of applications and making tough decisions, I’m finally able to announce the members of the new NetApp United 2018 team. I’m beyond excited to welcome a great bunch of people to the NetApp family! But before we make the big announcement, let’s start with…

What is NetApp United?

NetApp United is NetApp’s global influencer program. Founded in 2017, NetApp United is a community of 140+ individuals united by their passion for great technology and the desire to share their expertise with the world. It’s a special place for exchanging ideas and sharing best practices, where rivalry and competition don’t exist. Although most of the members are NetApp partners and customers, NetApp United is open to anyone. We pride ourselves on the inclusivity and diversity of the team.

So, NetApp United is not NetApp’s soccer team?!

For those of you who suspect the name might have something to do with football (yes, football, not soccer because I’m a proud European and this is what it’s properly called!), you might be right, but not entirely.


Just like a football team, NetApp United is all about unity. We wanted a name that represented the trust, support, and togetherness that characterizes the tech community and reflects the NetApp culture.


What I’ve always loved about NetApp and working here is that we care! It’s in our DNA. NetApp United started as an extension of that same value with the mission to create a great community where our NetApp United members can seek advice, ask for help, and share experiences and best practices not only with peers but also with the extended NetApp family, including the NetApp A-Team. NetApp United is a place to inspire others and to get inspired, to help each other grow, and to reach new professional and personal heights.

What do you get as a member of NetApp United?

After our kick-off team call in April, NetApp United members can expect dedicated pre-launch briefing calls at least once every month, sometimes more often depending on the product launch calendar. Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!


All members can benefit from joining the workshops and trainings focused on blogging, social media platforms, and influencer best practices. 1:1 coaching is also available on demand. We focus on continually improving the program for our members and making sure their time spent is worthwhile. Aside from extending their technical expertise, our aim is to provide a foundation for our members to learn new skills and increase their sphere of influence.


Our team members say that the best part of NetApp United is the people and the networking that comes with their membership. Aside from being able to connect with peers daily via comms channels like Slack and private communities, we use every opportunity to get together and get to know each other in person. All members are invited to exclusive dinner parties at Insight Las Vegas and Insight Berlin, where they get to spend some quality time with fellow members and hang out with the NetApp A-Team and NetApp executives like Dave Hitz.


Congratulations again to all and welcome to the NetApp family!

Drumroll please…

Without further ado, here are the members of the NetApp United 2018 team:


Name Twitter Handle Blog
Aaron Shelley @aaronmshelley  
Alberto Bargueño @abargueno  
Alexander Krogloth @aleex42 /
Alexandro Prado @alexandroprado
Ali Yenidogan    
Allen Johnson @Allen2Kelly  
Alun Griffiths @WelshMatador  
Amer Yehia @Amer_Yehia  
Anastasios Papadopoulos @70tas  
Andre Schmitz @Der_Schmitz
Andrea Giuliani @andr3ag_tw  
Arco Hak @flexpodsolution
Arnaud Filleul @sterwan
Arnold Romeijn @arnoldromeijn
Arthur Alikulov @alikulovme
Baptiste Schwartzbart @BaptMan78  
Bartek Brzeski @BartekBrzeski  
Benjamin Durand @BenjaminPDurand
Bernard Meunier @bmeatwork  
Bhavin Shah @bhavin04890
Bill McGloin @billmcgloin
Boris Aelen @borisaelen
Bryan Kuhn @btkuhn  
Cedric Renauld @redluna31  
Chanaka Ekanayake @ChanEk81
Christian Garcia Gonzalez @sonlas7y20  
Damien Berezenko @breeze_damien
Dan Frith @penguinpunk
Daniel Burkland @dburkland
Daniel Kiehl @daniel_kiehl  
Daniël Zuthof @DanielZuthof  
Dario Furigo @vSyntaxError
Dave Henry @davemhenry
David Bevc @Davidoff1981
David Logue @datalossguru
David Rodriguez @systutorials
David Warner @djwarner2929  
Deanna McNeil @deannie  
Dennis Schroeder @schroederdennis  
Derek Hennessy @derekhennessy
Ebo Hagan @stallonx  
Erhan Evgin @EvginErhan   
Eric Aslaksen @eric_aslaksen  
Eric Railine @erailine
Eric Sherrill @eric8_netapp
Fernando Gabriel Ceaglio @ferceaglio  
Francesco Bonetti @fbonez
Frank Teegelbeckers @teegelbeckers  
Gerd Hecken @gerd_hecken  
Giacomo Milazzo @MilazzoGiacomo  
Gilbert van Hemert @GilbertvHemert  
Graham Fildes @g_fildes  
Greg Loughmiller @gloughmiller  
Greg Rose    
Guillermo Hernández @gmohdez1  
Howard Marks @DeepStorageNet
Ian Sanderson @ian0x0r
Igor Nikolaev @mantycora  
Ivan Raul Camargo Chacon @ivanrcamargo
Jaffer Ali Hajji Mohideen @zafarali86  
Jane Ridge @jojorzans  
Jaroslaw Duda @jaroslaw_duda  
Jason Fitzgerald @jay_fitzgerald
Jeorry Balasabas @jeorryb
Jeremy Haynes @jerhaynes  
Jesús Lobato @JesusL0BAT0  
Jesus Vaquero @jesusvaquero29  
Jim Jones @k00laidIT
Jim Millard @millardjk
Joel Jordao Cravo @aven__18 
John Fish @jfish_uk  
Johnny Hall @Ashaman25  
Jon Bailey @jonathanjbailey  
Jon Hildebrand @snoopj123
Jonathon Lanzon @jlanzon 
Joseph (J.B.) Mercer @JbM_IT  
Joseph Irungu Munyiri @joemunyiri  
Joseph Soffer @JSItech38616  
Josh Penfold @JoshPenfold5  
Kevin Ridings @ukpenfold  
Lee Levenson @cartracr
Lei Ma @ray_ma  
Luciano Ludwig @luciano_ludwig  
Luis Miguel Sanz Fernanedz @lokatus  
Luke Rundle @truelukerundle  
Madhu Vinod Diwakar @Madhuwinod  
Maik Steinert @MaikSteinert  
Marco Bakker @marbak71  
Mark Burgess @MarkAtSNS
Mark Clayton @storageaddict 
Markus Huebers @mhuebers  
Markus Kraus @vMarkus_K
Martijn Moret @mmmoret
Martin Kucharcik @KcMato  
Matthew Kershaw @mkershaw1985  
Matthew Leland Clark @petnap2  
Michael Drüing @DarkStar_1337  
Mikael Korsgaard Jensen @jekomi
Mike Palic @SpindleNinja
Mike Preston @mwpreston
Mike Sparkes @sparkletowers  
Neeraj Sharma @neeraj16584  
Neil Anderson @flackboxtv
Nigel Mullings @nigelmullings  
Oleksii Zakharenko @alexey4ik
Oscar Ojeda @Oscaraock  
Ovidiu Pescar @OvidiuPescar  
Pascal de Wild @pascaldewild  
Paul Grosskopf @grosskopf  
Paul Madden @MADonTECH
Pierre-Francois Renard @RenardPf  
Radek Kubka @raadek  
Rani Halimi @rani_halimi_63  
Raouf Dachbouche @raouf_dag  
Regis Carlier @regiscarlier
Rich Fambrini @richfambo  
Richard van Dantzig @rvandantzig
Rob Verhoeven @robv73  
Rodrigo de Andrade Moncao @rodrigomoncao  
Ron van Gimst @GimstRon  
Ruben Tomás Rodríguez @rtomasingram  
Russell Dean    
Ryan Bradley @rbrads2011  
Ryan Mangan @rymangan
Scott Harney @sharney
Sergio Hirata @hiratapqd  
Stefan Assler @data_stefan  
Stefan Hoenig @stefanhoenig  
Stefan Renner @rennerstefan
Stefano Tedeschi @serioso67  
Steve Blanco @stevekblanco   
Swee-Chuan Khoo @sckhoo  
Thom Greene @tbgree00
Thomas Maddox @thomasmaddox  
Thomas Munser @tmunser  
Tic Pavlin @tpavlin  
Timo Ambros @timoambros  
Tomas Acosta @tar44997049  
Tomasz Usnarski @UziStorage  
Toni Martin @_dctoni  
Tri Lam Hoa @lamhoatri  
Wences Michel @wmichel
Xander van Egmond @pappa24  

Petya Stefanova

Petya Stefanova is Influence Marketing Manager at NetApp, based out of London, UK. With almost her entire career spent at NetApp, she is passionate about the company's culture and believe the people are NetApp's most valuable assets. While at her previous roles in events and partner marketing she developed a passion for the tech community. In the office you can usually spot her with headphones on blasting some strange music, while outside of it she could easily be found in her natural habitat - at a concert, festival or in a record store (usually on a pay day). Petya is also avid environmentalist, interested in wildlife conservation, as well a space enthusiast with a mild Elon Musk obsession.

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