In the era of digital transformation, data-driven industry leaders are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) for the future of data management and analysis. In many ways, AI and cloud computing make the perfect match for digital innovation. AI’s cognitive capabilities and machine learning thrive on massive volumes of data, which become scalable and instantly accessible in a cloud environment. Companies that leverage AI in the cloud set themselves up with a huge critical advantage.


So, what are some of the benefits of AI in the cloud?

Unprecedented Data Access

AI feeds off data, and the more data it accesses, the smarter it gets. Compared to traditional on-premises data storage, cloud environments support enormous volumes of data, without traditional siloes or delayed accessibility. A cloud environment with AI learns from the data it gathers, make predictions, and troubleshoot potential problems before they occur.


AI and Machine Learning can also be used to seamlessly move data between on-premises infrastructures and cloud environments. In a hybrid cloud environment, seamless movement, accessibility, and connectivity are crucial. With AI attached to hybrid cloud, organizations will be able to manage and control data unlike ever before.


Organizations that partner AI with cloud data solutions have the data insights and scalability to set industry standards and drive innovation – all by maximizing assets they already possess.

Smarter Decision-Making

When an organization connects data in a cloud environment, they can more easily identify trends and patterns within various data sets. AI takes data analysis to the next level. Within a cloud environment, AI learns from historical data, identifies current patterns, and makes recommendations. This automated process completely eliminates human error during data analysis.


AI dramatically accelerates data analysis, benefitting both an organization and its customers. Organizations quickly receive data insights and can generate recommended solutions for customers based specifically on data characteristics and insights. In turn, customers get recommendations best suited to their individual needs, with quick and efficient turnaround time. When AI works within a cloud environment, everyone benefits.

Cost Savings

The ultimate incentive for joining AI and cloud is simple economics. A cloud model allows organizations to purchase only the storage they need – when they need it – eliminating traditional infrastructure expenses. With this model, an organization can use these cost savings for AI development. And without expenses for physical datacenters, the cost of AI projects drops overall.


Cloud environments also eliminate the need for many organizations to invest in research and development. With major cloud vendors constantly rolling out new AI features, organizations accessing the cloud can leverage this research at no added cost.


Cloud solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and organizations create environments based on individual business needs. Each environment may look slightly different, but all provide cost savings that foster AI development and growth.

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