Welcome to the third and final part of our video series on NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS. We hope you enjoyed parts 1 and 2.


Recall that part 1 covered the expectations and potential limitations of Cloud Volumes for AWS and part 2 covered Cloud Volumes service levels and capabilities to align the best fit for your different applications.


Part 3 brings these threads together and examines Oracle dNFS and the performance and benefits that Cloud Volumes Service offers for Oracle on AWS. You can also read a high-level overview of the Cloud Volumes Service for AWS offering.



Now that you’ve watched this series, you should have enough information to set correct expectations for applications and know what to take into consideration when fitting your applications on Cloud Volumes.

We hope you enjoyed these videos. Sign up now to experience Cloud Volumes Service for your specific workloads.

Chad Morgenstern

Chad is a 10 -year veteran at NetApp having held positions In both escalations, reference architecture teams, and most recently as part of the workload performance team where he contributed to significant understandings of AFF performance for things such as VDI environments, working on the SPC-1 benchmark, and more. In addition, Chad spent time building automated tools and frameworks for performance testing with a few of them based on opensource technologies such as cloud and containers.

Chad is happily married and is the father of four daughters, and soon to be owner of two ferrets.

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