Futures Sport & Entertainment estimates the cumulative live global audience for the World Cup will be 10.8 billion, a 13% increase from the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In soccer (or football, futbol, fussball), a key component to team success is providing the proper service to your strikers or forwards, otherwise known as the players who score most of the goals. So what does this have to do with IT Service Providers? To win on the soccer field, as in business, consistently delivered, high-quality service to the players on the front line is critical. There are different types of strikers, those who are great in the air, those who make fast runs slashing through the defense, others who have the control to pull back and take powerful shots from afar, but all of them have the potential for success if they receive the proper feeds, ie passes from the players in the midfield or even on the defensive line.


Let’s look at NetApp as an example. We partner with service providers of all sizes and specialties to provide best in class data services to their end-user customers, whatever their businesses may be. In addition to industry-leading engineered systems and appliances, we also offer software as a service in the form of ONTAP Select. It is a robust data management platform that has the flexibility to run on any commodity platforms, or any system a Service Provider has chosen. Select offers flexible scaling to meet end users’ requirements in a secure way from small increments up to Petabytes of capacity, enabling Service Provider to provide solutions to address all the needs of their customers.


We’ve been in the Service Provider game for quite some time and a couple of examples of how we have partnered for success are Synextra, a UK based SP who is using ONTAP Select and other NetApp gear to provide a Platform on Demand (POD) service, and IBM Cloud, who is providing Hosted Private Cloud with Select in the IBM Global Marketplace, spanning 40+ data centers around the world. Select like in Soccer can work as a team with Service Provider and provide the support infrastructure to enable Service Providers to score big.


Enough said, learn how you can test drive ONTAP Select to see how it can help your business as a Service Provider, and how you can take advantage of the targeted services of a world-class provider and relax and watch a little or a lot more soccer….GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL! 

Andy Scholl

Andy Scholl is a senior product marketing manager for NetApp ONTAP Select based in Sunnyvale, CA. He is responsible for marketing for NetApp’s Software Defined Storage. He is passionate about new technologies and helping facilitate the dialogue between customers, end users and the people who are developing innovative solutions to meet their business and IT needs. Prior to NetApp, Andy held roles in product management, portfolio marketing and program management in global roles based in the US and in Europe.