This year, NetApp and Cisco are celebrating our 10-year successful partnership. FlexPod® grew from a simple concept to bring together the best-of-breed technology innovations from these two industry leaders into a converged infrastructure. The mission was to offer our partners and customers a validated platform that was easy to deploy and simple to manage. And at the same time, the solution needed to be flexible and scalable to meet a broad range of data center workloads.


Based on a decade of feedback from customers around the globe, FlexPod not only fulfilled what it set out to do in 2010 but has far exceeded that goal. Industry analysts have consistently recognized it as the leading converged infrastructure solution. FlexPod is also rated the most trusted platform by IT Central Station. And with NetApp being the leading voice on hybrid-cloud, FlexPod has grown from an enterprise data center and private cloud solution into the most cloud-connected converged infrastructure platform with a large portfolio of cloud services to assist customers in their cloud journey.

What’s in store for FlexPod the next decade?

So where do we go from here, and what’s in store for FlexPod in the next decade? Well, FlexPod continues to embrace our DNA to innovate.


To start, in early 2020 we delivered FlexPod with Cisco Intersight and ONTAP 9.7 to the delight of our customers. Cisco Intersight, a cloud-based infrastructure management platform, together with NetApp®ONTAP® Active IQ® Unified Manager 9.7, a comprehensive and proactive storage management solution, bring a whole new management paradigm for FlexPod.


Following in September, we were pleased to introduce the latest FlexPod with vSphere 7.0. This release enables customers to enjoy the features and capabilities of the new major release of virtualization software from VMware – performance and scalability improvements, lifecycle management enhancement, advanced security – in conjunction with ONTAP 9.7 data management services and a data fabric ecosystem powered by NetApp.


FlexPod Datacenter

And there’s more. This release also expands the FlexPod compute selection to include the UCS C125 M5 AMD-based rack server. Customers benefit from a high-performance and high-density compute platform that is suitable for many use cases, including virtualization, big-data analytics, cloud computing, and AI/ML workloads. Together with the full portfolio of UCS B-Series and C-Series Intel-based servers, FlexPod customers can select the compute platform that best meets their requirements.


The customer experience is further streamlined with the highly regarded NetApp support. NetApp provides single-point-of-contact support for the full converged infrastructure stack – compute, networking, storage, and hypervisor. The NetApp Solution Support team handles FlexPod issues until they’re fully resolved. Customers no longer have to contact different vendors for various infrastructure components. Take a look at Voice of FlexPod Customer to read about their excellent support experience.


And we aren’t done yet. Following the FlexPod release with Cisco Intersight earlier this year, Cisco and NetApp have stepped up our partnership to focus on the FlexPod management solution. At NetApp INSIGHT®2020 in October, Cisco and  NetApp jointly announced our collaboration to integrate ONTAP storage with Cisco Intersight. Customers get the best of both worlds: a single pane of glass with Cisco Intersight for managing FlexPod compute and storage infrastructure across multiple data centers, along with comprehensive and proactive storage management with ONTAP Active IQ Unified Manager. FlexPod customers don’t have to compromise and settle for one or the other. Cisco Intersight and ONTAP Active IQ Unified Manager complement each other perfectly to provide the most insightful management solutions for FlexPod. Find out more about the ONTAP Intersight integration, including a preview of the look-and-feel, navigation, and workflow.


NetApp ONTAP and Cisco Intersight infographic

You can find more FlexPod resources at NetApp INSIGHT 2020. Also check out the catalog of FlexPod Solutions for Oracle, SAP, SQL, VDI, healthcare, AI/ML, OpenShift, multi-cloud, and much more.


The new decade is just starting, and it’s going to be an amazing ride for Cisco and NetApp. Stay tuned for even more exciting new FlexPod innovations to come.

FlexPod sessions and resources

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Speed Break Out Sessions (20 Minutes)
SPD-1147​-2 Learn why FlexPod has the best integration with Cisco Intersight​
SPD-1144​-1 FlexPod Infrastructure Innovation and End-to-End NVMe ​
SPD-1470​-1 FlexPod solutions for Private and Hybrid Multi Cloud use cases​
SPD-1152​-1 Learn Why FlexPod is Perfect for Private, Hybrid and Multi-cloud​
SPD-1149​-1 Enable Healthcare Digital Transformation with FlexPod​
SPD-1150​-2 Digital Transformation with SAP HANA and DATAHUB on FlexPod​
SPD-1154​-2 Why it is vital to move to SQL Server 2019 on FlexPod​
SPD-1471​-2 Migrate to Oracle RAC 19c on FlexPod, while you still have time! ​
SPD-1153​-1 Work or Learn from Anywhere with FlexPod VDI​
SPD-1446-2​ Accelerate your AI Journey for the data driven enterprise with FlexPod AI


Short Presentation or Demonstration (10 Minutes)
DEM-1478-1 Protect Your IT Assets Against Ransomware Using FlexPod
DEM-1479-1 FlexPod for Medical Imaging in 10 Minutes
DEM-1481-1 FlexPod for OpenShift  in 10 Minutes
DEM-1504-1 Improve FlexPod Management with Cisco Intersight (10 Minute Demo)
DEM-1542-1 Learn About the New and Innovative FlexPod Consumption Model


Customer Presented Sessions
BRK-1062​​-2 Support Real Time Mission Critical Oracle Workloads with FlexPod Lawrence Livermore Labs​
BRK-1469 ​-1 How LCMC Health delivers best patient carewith Epic on FlexPod​ LCMC Health​
BRK-1528​-1 How Cannon Design drove collaboration & innovation globally​ Cannon Design​

To learn more about this announcement and experience how FlexPod speaks cloud, please read a wonderful Cisco blog written by Steve Cooke. At NetApp Insight, please take a look at the available FlexPod sessions to learn how FlexPod can become the datacenter model for your hybrid cloud.


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Carol Chan

Carol Chan is a Senior Product Manager for FlexPod. She joined NetApp in 2018 with 20+ years of enterprise experience. Prior to NetApp, Carol has led product management and marketing at multiple high tech companies including Dell EMC, VCE, Equinix, Sun Microsystems and HPE. Carol has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and MBA from Santa Clara University.

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