NetApp® OnCommand® System Manager is a graphical interface that enables you to manage storage system and storage objects (such as disks, volumes, and aggregates) and to perform common storage-system management tasks from a web browser. As a cluster administrator, you can use System Manager to administer the entire cluster and its resources. OnCommand System Manager 9.4 bundled with NetApp ONTAP® 9.4 features improvements that simplify your day-to-day operations. This blog describes what’s new with System Manager 9.4.

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)

NVMe is a standard communication protocol that was developed primarily for SSD drives. Mapping of NVMe over Fibre Channel Fabrics/RDMA is called as NVMe-over Fabric. Compared to traditional protocols, NVMe delivers lower latency and greater bandwidth with more IOPS.


With System Manager 9.4, you can configure and manage NVMe protocol with simple steps that enhance overall performance. Watch the demo to learn how you can configure NVMe protocol in the System Manager GUI, map the namespace to the host, and view the performance statistics for the workload running in the namespace.


FabricPool offers the most substantial integration between on premises storage and the cloud to produce technically elegant solutions with deep business impact. FabricPool allows any SAN or NAS workload on a NetApp ONTAP system to keep hot data in all-flash storage but tier inactive cold data off onto low-cost object storage, either on premises or in the cloud.


This inactive data is often up to 80% of the overall storage footprint, so moving it to low-cost storage can mean significant savings. FabricPool is automated and transparent because it leverages the cloud, without sacrificing the performance of flash or having to rearchitect applications.


How do you find your “ancient” data from your flash storage? System Manager reports inactive data at three granular levels— cluster, aggregate, and volume. Automatic tiering of inactive data to public and private cloud maximizes performance and reduces total cost of ownership.


Watch the demo to learn how you can configure capacity tier in System Manager.

Automated Nondisruptive Upgrade Enhancements

In earlier versions of ONTAP, the ONTAP image must be downloaded to an external web server, from which you can point to do a cluster upgrade. With ONTAP 9.4, you can directly download the ONTAP image to the local client system and upload this image to System Manager for node or cluster upgrades.

Aggregate Recommender

Aggregate Recommender is the easiest way to rapidly configure your disks and aggregates. To create an aggregate, System Manager looks at your storage infrastructure and recommends a layout for aggregate creation. You can then configure your aggregates and disks as per NetApp recommended best practices with a single click.

FlexGroup Support

FlexGroup is NetApp’s solution for high-file-count, metadata-intensive NFS and SMB workloads that require massive capacity and predictable low latency.


Before ONTAP 9.4, System Manager supported only basic workflows for FlexGroup operations.  With System Manager 9.4, you can manage and protect FlexGroup volumes with simplified workflows. The following chart shows supported FlexGroup workflows until System Manager 9.3 and new workflows in System Manager 9.4.


Watch the end-to-end workflow demo for FlexGroup.

AppDM Enhancements

ONTAP 9.4 delivers improved simplicity with application-aware data management for Microsoft SQL server. It also offers native REST-API support that provides a standardized, consumable interface for automation of storage provisioning tasks without needing an external service.

  • Users can access AppDM via:
    • Via System Manager GUI (Navigate to Applications & tiers  Applications)
    • Via REST APIs (https://<mgmt-ip>/docs/api/#/application)
  • Supported applications:
    • Enhanced
      • NAS
      • General SAN
      • MongoDB
      • Oracle
      • Oracle RAC
      • Microsoft SQL server
      • Virtual Servers
      • Virtual Desktop
    • Basic

For more information, refer to the following resources:

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