Stateful applications require persistent storage in order to provide enterprise features, whether deployed in a physical host, a VM or a container. If you’re a developer, you just want to issue persistent volume claims and know that they will be fulfilled…automatically. If you’re in operations or are a storage administrator, your primary concern is controlling how storage is allocated.


Enter Trident.


Trident is an open source dynamic container storage provisioning solution that addresses these challenges.


With Trident, developers simply issue persistent volume claims with a specific class of service and their requests are automatically fulfilled. Trident finds the appropriate class of available storage and automatically attaches it to the application’s persistent volume claim.


Storage admins define the persistent volumes and present them to Kubernetes or OpenShift, where they are pooled to serve persistent volume claims as they come in.


What’s even more compelling is that all of the features of the underlying storage system are still available. So, features such as cloning, snapshots, replication, etc. are all available and still work when using Trident. Trident fully supports NetApp FAS, AFF, and SolidFire storage systems. What’s also cool is that you don’t have to retrofit your storage management systems either, they will continue to work with Trident.


Trident supports Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, including the latest release 3.9.


Trident is an open source project maintained and supported by NetApp.


Want to get started? Trident is available on GitHub at You can also find more information about Trident for OpenShift by visiting

Pete Brey

With 13 years of experience in the storage and cloud industries, Pete Brey brings to NetApp visionary and deep expertise across a variety of roles ranging from engineering and product management to product and solution marketing and sales enablement. Pete has led the development and delivery of innovative OpenStack cloud storage solutions for a variety of use cases which built upon Cinder and Swift OpenStack storage API’s, as well as Ceph. Pete has also successfully delivered and marketed OpenStack PaaS solutions.

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