For businesses and organizations where security is paramount, a robust, modern video surveillance solution is crucial. Organizations are beginning to realize that their video surveillance system is much more than just cameras and software. Storage is the backbone of today’s video surveillance systems. Without it, you could be vulnerable to expensive or even dangerous downtime.


When selecting storage for your video surveillance deployment, there are five keys to making sure that you never miss a beat:

  1. Reliability
  2. Speed
  3. Ease of management
  4. Scalability
  5. Low total cost of ownership

This blog addresses the first and most important of those keys: Reliability. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many institutions and agencies, small and large, are content with storage that’s just “good enough.”


How often does an organization endure video downtime before they realize that it’s time for an enterprise-grade solution? To some degree, it depends on their tolerance for downtime.


Correctional facilities and prisons, for example, rely heavily on video surveillance to keep their inmates and officers safe. A video outage means that security personnel are blind to what’s happening in their facility, potentially endangering the lives of staff and inmates. And because staff members are often responsible for using video to audit behavior and compliance, downtime can leave the facility open to lawsuits or other legal penalties. Even a few minutes of lost coverage could cause serious trouble, increasing danger and liability.


Airports are similarly sensitive to downtime. They are often large and sprawling, with tight passageways and dark corners. And with thousands of people moving quickly across terminals, continuous video coverage is a must.


Gaming casinos also depend on reliable, available video surveillance to keep their guests safe and to prevent theft. A casino that doesn’t comply with strict video surveillance regulations could lose its license and face steep penalties. If a camera goes down over a table, the casino has to close that table. And if multiple cameras go down, they must close the casino floor, incurring hefty fines and millions of dollars in lost revenue.


If your video surveillance system is business critical, there’s no good time for downtime. Your data storage must be available all 86,400 seconds every day, 7 days a week. No exceptions. That’s where NetApp has you covered. NetApp® video surveillance storage solutions are built on tried-and-true NetApp E-Series storage systems that give you 99.999% availability on a hardened platform proven with more than 1 million deployments. Don’t settle for “good enough.” Get an enterprise-class solution that’s simple to use, easy to scale, and can lower your total cost of ownership.


To learn how NetApp E-Series storage enables unmatched reliability for video surveillance workloads, read the white paper, NetApp E-Series Storage for Video Surveillance.


The next blogs in the series will cover the other four keys to a secure, robust video surveillance solution with NetApp.

Julie Fagan

Julie Fagan has a long career in high-tech solutions marketing. She loves working at NetApp where she gets to focus on bringing the best video surveillance and high performance computing storage solutions to the world along with her awesome co-workers.

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