This post is the first of three posts that offer different proof points for why SAP HANA runs better on NetApp. First, I want to kick things off by looking at backup and recovery.


Setting up a successful backup and recovery strategy is a crucial task of any database administrator. It is indispensable to have a backup strategy in place, which is well documented, tested and implemented in a way that avoids human errors with the help of automation and consistent monitoring. Administrators must be well trained and restore and recovery tests need to be performed on a regular basis.


In the following video, we’ll discuss the different backup options for SAP HANA. We’ll demonstrate, using a real customer example with a 20 Terabyte SAP HANA database, how storage snapshot backups can reduce the time to take an SAP HANA backup from 2 hours down to just a few minutes.


Backup is more than safeguarding the SAP HANA datafile. A well-designed backup strategy also includes the backup of non-database files such as executables and binaries. Thus, another important part of a backup strategy, which we’re highlighting in the video, is an integrated retention management. This keeps all required resources manageable.



The video and customer example show that NetApp SnapCenter with the SAP HANA plugin is a product that delivers all the required features to implement a backup concept that is not only using fast and efficient storage snapshot backups, but also supports all additional features customers might need to implement a successful backup strategy for SAP HANA.

More details about SnapCenter and SAP HANA backup and recovery can be found in the technical report below:


You can also watch our recent webinar to learn more why SAP HANA runs best on NetApp!

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Bernd Herth

Bernd Herth architects and defines NetApp's SAP solutions as TME at the SAP Partner Port at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He has over 25 years of experience in SAP software and in planning and architecting infrastructure solutions for SAP and has held various positions in the SAP ecosystem. Herth has published articles and books focused on SAP technology and virtualization. He holds a masters degree in physics and taught computer science classes as assistant professor.