This is the last post of a three-part series on why SAP HANA runs better on NetApp. This blog post looks at SAP system refresh.


Every customer that runs a SAP system landscape needs to setup a development and a quality assurance (QA) system in addition to the production system. This needs to be done in order to be able to test customization and development changes before transporting them to the production system. The validity of each test depends highly on the quality of the test data. This is why many customers create the QA system as a copy of the production system.


This process needs to be repeated regularly, in order to refresh the QA system based on a new copy of the production system. This “SAP System Refresh” workflow is shown in the picture above. This is a lengthy process not only because of the time required to technically clone the database, but also because the SAP pre- and postprocessing activities (green boxes) can take a significant amount of time.


However, customers using NetApp SnapCenter can automate the technical tasks and activities (blue boxes) using the workflow capabilities of SnapCenter. Since the actual cloning is based on storage snapshots, the overall time for the technical system refresh will be reduced from hours to a few minutes, fully automated by SnapCenter. The SnapCenter PowerShell API will allow customers to include the complete technical system refresh workflow into their overall SAP system refresh workflow.


Watch the following video to see how SnapCenter could be used to automate the SAP system refresh using the SnapCenter GUI or completely scripted using SnapCenters PowerShell API.



More details on how to configure SAP HANA system copy and refresh using SnapCenter can be found in the following technical report:

You can also watch our recent webinar to learn more why SAP HANA runs best on NetApp!

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Bernd Herth

Bernd Herth architects and defines NetApp's SAP solutions as TME at the SAP Partner Port at SAP headquarters in Walldorf. He has over 25 years of experience in SAP software and in planning and architecting infrastructure solutions for SAP and has held various positions in the SAP ecosystem. Herth has published articles and books focused on SAP technology and virtualization. He holds a masters degree in physics and taught computer science classes as assistant professor.

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