Moving an established, well understood file share environment for your Windows users (and Linux/UNIX users, too) can cause some sleepless nights. Here are some ideas on getting that sleep back, from helping users recover from their own mistakes, to you recovering an entire environment after suffering an attack.

Let’s split this up into two areas – user error and recovering from an attack. For both scenarios we are assuming you are using NetApp Cloud Volumes Service technology, either on Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS.

How to Recover From User Error

This happens every day. A user deletes or overwrites a file, panicked calls to the IT hotline ensue. If you are using NetApp Snapshots on premises you can likely guide the user to recover their files without further assistance, but what about cloud? With NetApp Cloud Volumes users now get the same self-service option in the cloud, they can simply go back in time and retrieve files that were previously captured in a Snapshot from their Windows or Linux/UNIX clients, all without requiring special IT skills or admin privileges.

How to Recover From an Attack

It’s difficult to read IT publications without reading about ransomware and other attacks on your data. The good news is that the same Snapshot technology that helps users recovers files also helps IT staff recover entire environments. You can either bring data back from Snapshots into user folders (if the attack was limited to specific users) or recover entire Volumes to a previous state in seconds. That’s right, you can recover entire multi-TB large volumes in seconds.

Bonus: How to Quickly Sync Files into the Cloud

Here is another benefit to NetApp Cloud Volumes – the tight integration with NetApp Cloud Sync, a native cloud service that syncs data between on-premises and cloud, cloud and on-premises, and even between cloud services. By using Cloud Sync you can migrate (a one-time sync) or continuously move data into the cloud (or back), at great speed and with enhanced security.

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