This post is part 3 of a five-part series that explains how you can use infrastructure analytics to improve IT service delivery and reduce costs in a hybrid cloud environment.  For a deeper dive, download the white paper “Data Insights and Control for the Service Provider Business Model


Founded in 1864, Société Générale has always been a leader in client-focused banking. Today, their IT team is finding innovative ways to stay relevant after 154 years by digitally transforming their business. At the end of 2014, the bank launched a new initiative, Digital for All. The initiative is based on these key principles:

  • Embrace technological change
  • Find ways to reinvent and optimize your industry
  • Never lose sight of your fundamental role: to support your clients

Digital for All required Société Générale’s infrastructure to support the bank’s 140,000 employees, as well as 90,000 tablets across 32 countries. It also required  worldwide installation of 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to facilitate tablet use in the bank’s nearly 3,000 branches.


Société Générale’s IT team understood that delivering on the vision of Digital for All would require a high-performance monitoring platform to gather data from across the infrastructure and across geographies.  They also required end-to-end visibility, from compute to storage, in a single view.


For Société Générale, NetApp® OnCommand® Insight is that platform. OnCommand Insight proactively identifies vulnerabilities and risks to their IT environment, enabling the bank to avoid mission-critical problems and meet key service levels for availability, performance, and utilization.


“Through OnCommand Insight, we leverage advanced analytics to monitor, and master our systems. We can manage load peaks and make sure that at the end of the day we’ve avoided issues and a high-quality service is provided to our customers.”


 — Thierry Pinart Deputy CEO, Investment Banking Private Banking, and Investor Services, Société Générale

What Can OnCommand Insight Do for You?

Like Société Générale, you need a simple way to monitor your entire infrastructure, including your multivendor on-premises systems as well as your public cloud resources.


The OnCommand Insight anomaly detection feature offers a proactive monitoring approach, analyzing historical usage to improve intelligence. It detects performance anomalies so that you can react long before service-level problems arise and customer satisfaction is threatened.


With OnCommand Insight, you can monitor your whole infrastructure in real time from a single dashboard. You’ll know exactly how your systems are performing and being used. Insight’s policy-based monitoring goes beyond simply monitoring devices; it includes a view of service paths and configuration compliance. When Insight detects a configuration policy or performance-level violation, it automatically provides root-cause analysis detailing the violation. With that analysis, you can be confident that you’re delivering on your SLAs.


Let me show you how it works with this brief demo.



With OnCommand Insight, you won’t worry about how you measure up against your SLAs, you’ll know exactly.


Discover how to increase visibility into your IT infrastructure so you can make data-driven decisions and improve IT services. Download the NetApp white paper, Data Insights and Control for the Service Provider Business Model.

Kurt Sand

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