Know what you have before you buy more.  Free up unused infrastructure and boost utilization of what you have to reap real savings.


It makes sense, but how do you do it?


In today’s IT world, with resources in play from your on-premises data centers to multiple public clouds, it’s hard to know what’s really in use and what can be freed up. Do you know whether your applications are running on the right performance tier? Are they overprovisioned?


Knowing what you have and who’s using it are critical to “right-sizing” and freeing up unused infrastructure. This is especially true in complex hybrid cloud environments. It’s easy to deploy quickly in the cloud, but it’s not so easy to control costs and optimize usage. This is where infrastructure analytics can provide both operational and business insights to help you get control and take appropriate actions.


Watch this short demo to see how easy it can be.



Infrastructure analytics tools monitor your hybrid environment in real time and give you end-to-end visibility (storage, network, and compute) into what you have and how it’s being used. Armed with that insight, you can take action in your next buying cycle, releasing unused resources to reap real savings.


For example, consider the case of a large multinational bank, a NetApp client. Among the top multinational banks, this financial institution operates across core service lines that include commercial banking, private banking, retail banking, investment banking, and markets and wealth management.


NetApp® OnCommand® Insight gives visibility into which infrastructure resources support which applications and business units, so the bank’s IT team can fine-tune and quickly deliver the right performance and capacity for every workload. Now, with a comprehensive understanding of their entire multivendor infrastructure , the bank can easily reallocate or decommission underused resources and avoid unnecessary purchases.


Using OnCommand Insight, this bank identified 2.7PB of orphaned capacity for reallocation. They were also able to eliminate software licenses tied to that storage.


Those are the kind of savings you too can reap with a hybrid infrastructure analytics tool like OnCommand Insight.

Kurt Sand

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