Deploying and managing a file system in the cloud is just a means to an end. Your data is really the important part. And because it must be managed, maintained, and monitored, your data is also the most troublesome part. What we really want is a simple and painless path to achieving on-demand, fast, and efficient file data access in the cloud.


Until recently, we weren’t even close to reaching this seemingly simple goal.  One reason is the common practice to deploy virtual machines (VMs) that act as NFS or SMB servers.  These VMs are connected to the highest-level and most expensive block storage, which creates difficult-to-manage islands of file data. But now, NetApp® Cloud Volumes provides a new option to help attain fast and efficient data access in the cloud.


NetApp Cloud Volumes Service is the first cloud-native file data service that is fully integrated with the leading clouds, so it works like you work. With NetApp Cloud Volumes Service, you pay only for what you consume. It’s integrated into the largest public cloud consoles and marketplaces with familiar, convenient billing, so you buy what, where, and how you want to. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service matches your application’s need for performance and scale, with the flexibility to automatically grow and shrink as necessary. You can dynamically scale your capacity or switch service levels based on your business demands; you no longer have to predict what you need.


This cloud-native file data service is also the first to support multiple storage protocols such as NFS and SMB at the same time, giving you flexibility. Plus, you can now create NetApp Snapshot™ of your Cloud Volumes data and restore it for increased data protection. You can also schedule your Snapshots  and use NetApp Cloud Sync to perform a one-time migration to the cloud or to continuously keep your data in sync.



With this cloud-native service, NetApp has partnered with the largest public cloud providers to create an easy-to-use file data service. You get high performance, data protection, and data security for your file data in the public cloud. Now you can run file applications in the public cloud without having to stand up your own virtual NFS or SMB servers that require expensive cloud block storage. And the services are fully managed, taking maintenance and patching off your plate.

Simplify Your Cloud Data Access Today

With today’s increasing demands, you need fast file-storage performance. With Cloud Volumes, you can now get that high performance as a cloud-native service from the cloud provider of your choice. You can confidently move your file-based applications into the cloud without sacrificing a thing. Plus, you get persistent storage for your cloud containers, data lakes, and cloud-native apps without added complexity.


Are you interested? Learn how to get started by visiting NetApp Cloud Central.

Robert Cox

Robert is a senior product marketing manager with over 20 years of product marketing and product management experience. Robert is focused on NetApp’s Cloud Data Services working to enable customers to deliver business outcomes for all IT workloads on cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Robert is an avid cyclist and loves to be outdoors.

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